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Subjekt-17 was a former Soviet superweapon and an enemy of Superman.

In 1949, a spacecraft crashed in Kazakhstan. Word reached the Soviet government and a team of Russian scientists came to explore the craft. Within, they found the male pilot, dead from a chest wound, and a female passenger, pregnant and close to giving birth. They took the female back to their camp and began working to deliver the baby. However, the female was resistant to their medical equipment, and died bringing the baby into the world. This baby was held in stasis by the Soviets for decades, and referred to only as "Subjekt-17".[1]

Subjekt-17 was a hulking monster kept in stasis in a Soviet lab south of Ayaguz, Kazakhstan and was experimented to further the Soviet's biological defense programs. The lab was abandoned after the fall of the Soviet union.

The lab was not discovered until years later by Kazakh villagers. They brought in the government, hoping to have the behemoth removed. The government brought in the "arcanobiologist" Carolyn Llewellyn. However, Subjekt-17 escaped. Llewellyn summoned Superman to combat it, although he only learned about Subjekt-17's origins after he'd started fighting.

Later on, Superman encountered Subjekt-17 while tracking Arion. Subjekt-17, having learned about Arion's plan to destroy humanity (Albeit to save it from the darkness he believed would destroy them), challenged Superman to decide whether he stood for the alien like himself or the 'torturers'. Despite Superman's attempts to convince Subjekt-17 that this vendetta would serve no purpose as the people who had tortured him were dead, Subjekt-17 refused to listen, forcing Superman to attack him to get the information he was looking for. After Subjekt-17 was beaten into submission, he revealed Superman where Arion is and goaded him a moral failure. Superman offered to have Subjekt-17 for medical care, but Subjekt-17 refused and dies of the internal injuries that Superman has caused.[2]





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