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The Suicide Squad was a secret branch of Checkmate used when normal agents weren't suitable: either for political reasons, or because super-powered individuals were needed to get the job done.


Checkmate believed that criminals with considerable skills and abilities can be suitable for this squad, as such they arranged for their release from prison and any record of them could never be found. The Squad was led by Rick Flag. Rick Flag and the rest of the Squad were presumed dead (at least by Tess Mercer) after the destruction of Checkmate by Zod. However Flag survived and has been leading a new or at least a surviving incarnation of the group.

In season nine nothing much is known about the group, but they were only mentioned by Amanda Waller when she welcomed Cameron Mahkent to the Squad before shooting him.

In season ten Rick Flag led the Suicide Squad in the abduction of Oliver Queen, proclaiming that they'd go after the rest of his team next. Rick kept Oliver in a secure location in Metropolis by the docks where he tortured him, beating him and electrocuting him for information on what he knew about the alien attacks on monuments around the world. Oliver was very uncooperative but soon after his abduction, Chloe Sullivan, the Watchtower for Oliver's league of costumed vigilantes, set up an exchange with the squad, trading herself for Oliver. Before they got a chance to torture her, Chloe took a cyanide pill and supposedly killed herslef. The Suicide Squad believed her dead and moved on to their next plan. They learned the identities of the rest of Oliver's team and set out to tag them with tracers in order to track their movements. The marksman, Deadshot, set out for Clark Kent, also known as The Blur, targeting his writing partner at the time, Cat Grant, to lure him out. Clark saved Cat from Deadshot, blocking a bullet the marksman had fired at her. However, that was what Deadshot was hoping for and the place where the bullet had made contact, formed the Suicide Squad seal beneath Clark's skin, successfully tagging him. Plastique, a meteor infected young woman who was able to unleash explosions from her eyes, put similar chemicals in Hawkman's wash water, its chemicals within forming another seal under his skin. Rick was confronted by Oliver who was in search of Chloe. Rick managed to shoot Oliver in the arm, tagging him before being pummeled by the costumed hero. Rick told him about Chloe killing herself. Later, Rick and Plastique broke into jail and rescued Deadshot, briefing each other on their successful tagging of the heroes. Now with an edge that the vigilante team was unaware of, the Suicide Squad set out to take them down.

Several weeks later Rick Flag and Squad member Emil LaSalle came to Smallville targeting General Same Lane for assassination, due to his support of the Vigilante Registration Act. Their plan failed, and just as they were about to be apprehended LaSalle used his teleportation abilities for them to escape. Later LaSalle was seen placing a bomb in a building displaying prominent anti-vigilante signs. He teleported away an instant before the building exploded.

Deadshot and Rick Flag joined Chloe Sullivan to rescue the Justice League heroes, and Lois Lane, from the clutches of the VRA who trapped them in a cyberspace-based world where they were experimenting on them to find out how to control their powers.


  • The Squad has attempted to recruit Green Arrow and to a lesser extent The Blur, but has failed on both occasions.

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