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The Flying Lab is a plane piloted by Rick Flag for the original Suicide Squad.


It was equipped with incredibly advanced mechanisms, including a fully functional laboratory for scientists Hugh Evans and Jess Bright. This also included the ability to launch nuclear weapons without government approval, and spray chemicals over a massive area. In their first recorded mission, they used it to attack the Red Wave Beast.[1] It was later used again when they fought the Creature of Ghost Lake.[2] The plane was destroyed when Flag armed its nuclear devices, and blew it up to kill the Master of the Dinosaurs.[3] They were later shown in a similar plane, implying that the Flying Lab was rebuilt.[4]

When Amanda Waller revived the Suicide Squad years later, this plane was used again as their primary means of transportation. It was now called the SS-1, and did not seem to have as many scientific capabilities.[5] The SS-1 was used to retrieve the team when they were trapped behind enemy lines in the Soviet Union.[6]

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