"Sea of Troubles": Starts with Harry Stein and Harvey Bullock of Checkmate looking a the

Quote1 I'm not proud of what I had to do -- but I would do it again. You all quit, you all die, I can still guarantee you one thing -- the Squad will go on. Quote2
Amanda Waller

Suicide Squad #25 is an issue of the series Suicide Squad (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1989.

Appearing in "Sea of Troubles"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Joseph T'Kaki (Only appearance; dies)
  • General Haile Selaisse Frelimo
  • Senator Warren Eden

Other Characters:

  • Agnes Martinon (First appearance)
  • Antoine Hearns




Synopsis for "Sea of Troubles"

Starts with Harry Stein and Harvey Bullock of Checkmate looking a the comittee hearing of Amanda Waller. At this time, Amanda Waller the head if Task Force X and the Suicide Squad. Checkmate is under Task Force X. During the hearing, Senator Eden asks about the difference between Task Force X and the Suicide Squad. She lies and states these two names are for the same one team.

Then a scene shows what is happening with the governemnt of Ogaden. T'kaki was the colonel who attacked the Renamo forces. He plans to kill her and frame the Renamo forces. It us clear Colonel T'kaki disregards General Frelimo and Frelimo is waiting for T'kaki to make a mistake.

The Suicide Squad find the facility the nun is being kept in. Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Nightshade and Ravan attack a jeep of soldiers and take their clothes to infiltrate the facility.

While Bronze Tiger, Ravan, and Nightshade infiltrate, During this attack, Count Vertigo starts to state to the prisoners of Suicide Squad to kill Shade and Vixen and run.

There is a scene where Amanda Waller goes to Senator Eden's office to make some sort of deal.

The prisoners of Suicide Squad are about to start their attack but Duchess starts beating up the criminals and she does is for her "own reasons."

Bronze Tiger, Ravan, and Nightshade successfully rescue Sister Martinon, the rest of the team attack the facility. The team leaves by Sheba and Shrike dies from bullet fire.

A television report starts with stating General Frelimo was able to blames Colonol T'Kaki as a dissident element who kidnapped the nun and T'Kaki was executed. The report states the Suicide Squad may become government sponsored but Amanda Waller will step down as head of it. The new head will be J. Danfield Kale.

After the Suicide Squad finds this information, they go to work to meet with their new boss. It turns out that Amanda Waller will be the real had of the Suicide Squad and J. Danfield Kale is a actor with a fake identity they hired. Amanda Waller also reveals that she told Senetor Eden that his daughter was a member of the squad. Nightshade tries to quit but Amanda states she will stay end of discussion.


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