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"Stone Cold Dead": It starts in Jotenheim. Rustam has decided to grow or develop new members

Quote1.png I won't ask you to "carry on for me," Eve. That's a dead end I've found myself in. Live your life. Get out of the Squad before it poisons you. Be happy -- for God's sake, be happy, if you can. That was something I never learned to do. If you can think kindly of me. If I succeed in what I've set out to do, I think you'll be able to tell. That's all I really want, Eve; for someone to know what I've done. Thank you for the friendship you've shown. I wish I could've responded more. Good-bye. Quote2.png
Rick Flag's letter

Suicide Squad #26 is an issue of the series Suicide Squad (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1989.

Synopsis for "Stone Cold Dead"

It starts in Jotenheim. Rustam has decided to grow or develop new members for the Jihad.

Jack Kale is interviewed by Ms. Vale.

Amanda Waller goes to her apartment and she gets ambushed by a second Amanda Waller, implying she may be replaced.

Previously Flo Crawley left a computer virus for Oracle and Oracle was able to neutralize it. In retaliation, Oracle sends a computer virus and a vaccine to Suicide Squad Computers. Flo will need to take the next three hours to clean the computer before the virus activates.

Bronze Tiger leaves Vixen on a train ride so she can go to New York. Animal Man Vol 1 #10. As they kiss before she leaves, he dodges a pie and it lands on Vixen.

Shade and Ms. Calendar attempt to have Ifrit remember she was Mindboggler.

Dr. LaGrieve and the lawyer Joel Craemer were able to convince the district attorney of Washington, D.C.(Pat Halloran) to release Deadshot for an Mental Health Asylum. Dr. LaGrieve testimony of him being unfit to do missions at the time convinced Mr. Hollaran that any Deadshot's defense would win.

Rick Flag has sent a letter to Nightshade. He relates a story about his father's Suicide Squad and Jotunheim. The old Suicide Squad was sent to the Nazi made Jotunheim to steal an experimental tank and to neutralize an experimental atomic bomb. The insides of Jotunheim was blasted Jotenheim with normal explosives allowing the atomic bomb to become lost. The Jihad had recently found it and Jack Flag plans to detonate it. During this infiltration, Jack Flag had to kill a guard and Rustam found the blood. Jack Flag had already armed the atomic bomb. As the two fight, the bomb explodes and Rustam, Jack Flag, and the entirety of Jotunheim is sent their apparent deaths.

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  • This issue contains the first hint to Oracle's real identity as the person behind the username has a Batgirl doll near her workstation.

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