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"Personal Files": Doctor Simon LaGrieve goes over his case studies of the various members of the Suicide Squad.

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Amanda Waller

Suicide Squad #8 is an issue of the series Suicide Squad (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1987.

Synopsis for "Personal Files"

Doctor Simon LaGrieve goes over his case studies of the various members of the Suicide Squad.

LaGrieve recalls how he first met Amanda Waller in an out-patient psychiatric clinic on the Near West Side of Chicago. Waller at the time suffered terrible tragedies: her son was killed in a mugging; her daughter was raped and murdered; and her husband killed their daughter's rapist but died in the process. LaGrieve advised Waller to channel her anger and bitterness into something useful and not hold herself back from what she wanted to do. In hindsight, LaGrieve saw this as a mistake as Waller, rather than confronting and dealing with her anger, use it as a tool and it has become a part of her personality.

After the Squad's mishap in Russia, Waller angrily confronts Derek Tolliver, Task Force X's NSC liaison man, over how he got the information that Zoya Trigorin wanted out of Russia without ever informing State. Tolliver states that he assumed Trigorin wanted out and that he believed fewer people who knew about the mission in advance would be better. Instead he blames the Squad for their mishap and derisively see them as expendable. Waller reacts to Tolliver's belittlement by slugging him in the face before telling him that her Squad is considered expendable if necessary, but they are not meant to be wasted on "garbage missions."

As Nemesis is captured by the Russians, Rick Flag tries to convince Waller to authorize a rescue mission. But to Flag's frustration, Waller can't because the President wouldn't allow it given that the Squad had harmed international relations in Russia. Karin Grace also accuses Rick of abandoning Nemesis in the same way he abandoned her. Rick yells at Karin before he gets into a fight with Task Force X's newest member, Mark Shaw, a.k.a, the Privateer. Flag is beaten into submission and Waller relieves him of command duty. Bronze Tiger assumes the duties of team leader.

Meanwhile, June Moone is sent to consult with Madame Xanadu for mystical help to better control her Enchantress persona. Xanadu explains that June is not trained to use magic, in which her magic use had eroded her aura that would normally deflect evil influences, and consequently twisted the Enchantress. Her aura would build up over time if she did not use magic. Xanadu gives her a necklace and ring that would control the Enchantress, but warns that this will make the Enchantress more dangerous if she ever escaped. Xanadu tells Bronze Tiger that June is a mystical ticking time bomb, and her personas might merge over time.

LaGrieve later notices his assistant, Marnie Herrs, is becoming fascinated with her therapy sessions with Floyd Lawton, and is certain that she is becoming emotionally involved with her patient. Herrs talks to Lawton about his sexual relationships in which he sees trying to understand women to be a waste of time, as he bluntly views all women wanting to marry rich men for their money and then divorcing them to get their alimony. He even see Herrs as this type of woman because she is being paid to care for her patients. Herrs, deeply taken aback, slaps Lawton. The two are surprise at what happened before they suddenly kiss. Lawton quickly breaks away from Herrs and walks out of the office after telling her that it didn't happen.

LaGrieve finds Captain Boomerang to be the very least complicated individual in the Squad as he is content with being an undisciplined sociopath with no moral sense of right or wrong. Ever since Boomerang's partner-in-crime Samuel Scudder, a.k.a. Mirror Master, passed away, Harkness has been impersonating him to commit crimes behind the backs of Task Force X.

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  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Suicide Squad: Trial By Fire.

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