"Managing People": As Katana is battling killer robots as part of a training exercise, to Amanda Waller watches while mulling over Rick Flag's sacrifice. Katana tries to convince Waller to make her the new leader of the Suicide Squad. Waller probes her reasoni

Quote1.png Mortal fools! Blind mortal fools!!! You would deny June Moone's talents in the field of freelance graphic design? So be it! Then the Isle of Manhattan shall suffer the Bible-black eldritch talents of the Enchantress! And the Enchantress' talent is mortal death! Quote2.png

Suicide Squad (Volume 5) #20 is an issue of the series Suicide Squad (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 2017. It was published on June 28, 2017.

Synopsis for "Managing People"

As Katana is battling killer robots as part of a training exercise, to Amanda Waller watches while mulling over Rick Flag's sacrifice. Katana tries to convince Waller to make her the new leader of the Suicide Squad. Waller probes her reasoning for wanting to be leader, and Tatsu claims that she is the best candidate because she is the only one with the skills to not only lead, but protect her from the rest of the inmates. However, Amanda believes her true motive for even being in Belle Reeve is because she feels at home among killers and lunatics. Tatsu takes this to mean she is unworthy of leadership, but Waller expresses interest in her proposal and leaves.

She then visits Captain Boomerang's cell. As the two drink, Digger expresses a desire to lead the team, but Waller is not so sure he is the right fit. Harkness claims that he is the most trustworthy of the Squad, citing his elimination of Emilia Harcourt as proof he can be trusted. Probing his honesty, she asks him who murdered Hack. Rather than own up to his actions, he tells her that Harcourt was the culprit. She hints that she knows he is lying, and after she leaves, Digger complains about the stress of keeping up his lie.

On the way to see Hack's room, she stops to check on Harley, who hasn't spoken since Flag disappeared. As the guards try to give her food, she begins maniacally slaughtering them all. The guards beg Amanda to kill Quinn, but Quinn actually opens her mouth to tell them Waller will let them die rather than lose one of her best weapons. As Amanda drinks her beer, she silently profiles Harley. She speculates that though she had been changing, the trauma of losing her latest love caused her to backslide until she began resembling her ex.

Killer Croc and June Moone are using the leave time Waller gave them to enjoy New York City. rather than simply being nice to the fledgling couple, she gave them the leave so she could exploit their romance in the future. While there, June considers getting a job doing freelance graphic design, but fears and shed tears that no one will give a convict with a demonic alter-ego a chance. Croc encourages her to try, but later expresses fear that he will lose her if she is able to achieve her dream. After every company she applies for rejects her, Enchantress is let loose, and she summons a magical storm over Manhattan. Meanwhile, Amanda sees Hack's room and wonders how she can find a leader.

Amanda then visits the most cold-blooded member of the Squad; Deadshot. He rejects the idea of leading the Squad before she can say a word. While testing his new robotic arm, Floyd shoot off three reasons he won't lead; he's still mad at Katana for cutting off his hand, he lacks Flag's morality, and Waller has already decided who should replace Rick.

Back in New York, Enchantress continues her rampage, until she senses someone approaching. It is revealed that it is an editor from a magazine company who rejected June. After being convinced by Croc to reevaluate her, he decided to give her some freelance work. Moved by Waylon's actions, June reigns in the Enchantress and thanks her love for helping her.

Back at Belle Reeve, Amanda assembles the Squad and declares their new leader; none other than Harley Quinn. Katana silently expresses jealousy, and Harley expresses her discontent with Waller's decision. However, Deadshot agrees with Waller, citing how Harley managed to inspire the Squad to band together after their brain bombs were deactivated. However, Harley refuses to accept the truth and lunges at Waller, but Katana instinctively intervenes Waller explains that Harley was her choice because she was the only one the team would follow when things got bad. She then gives them new marching orders; assassinate Director Karla, leader of the People. In the People's Bulgarian stronghold, Gulag informs Karla himself that the Suicide Squad is mobilizing. However, Karla already anticipated that they would be found. He then orders Gulag to begin the next phase of his plan, with the ultimate goal of inducting Amanda into the People.

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