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"Gotham Resistance, Part 3: Welcome to the Jungle": Belle Reve, 18 Hours Ago

Quote1.png Y'know, reader with hands over eyes...I'm amazed to think, in this brief oasis moment of frozen lucidity amidst the tumult...that we're actually gonna make it. We are definitely gonna make it...I am an excellent driver....AHHHHH!!! Whose $%&£&%$ idea was this again?! Quote2.png
Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad (Volume 5) #26 is an issue of the series Suicide Squad (Volume 5) with a cover date of November, 2017. It was published on September 27, 2017.

Synopsis for "Gotham Resistance, Part 3: Welcome to the Jungle"

Belle Reve, 18 Hours Ago

Amanda Waller is debriefing the team about an emergency of huge proportions in Gotham City: a mountain literally came out of nowhere, and then the whole city started to change form, transforming itself in some kind of maze structure. The Suicide Squad must get there and reach the center of the structure, to find out what is happening and stop the phenomena before more citizens get hurt. Harley and Croc, giving the fact they come from Gotham, will go in advance.

Now. Gotham City. Inside the Maze

Harley and Croc found unexpected allies in Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow. Right now, they are escaping Mr. Freeze's realm of ice, inside a schoolbus Harley is driving. It seems that Dr. Quinzel is not the best driver around, but luckily a grove of plants stops the bus from crashing on the ground after a risky jump, saving the life of the group. The thing is, they just passed from an ice landscape to a jungle ruled by the Queen of the Green, Poison Ivy. Harley tries to reason with Ivy, in the name of their longtime friendship, but Pamela is obsessed with plants ruling the world once again.

What no one expected was the fact a jokerized version of Starfire is setting everything on fire: her boss, calling himself the Batman who Laughs, plans to bring all of them alive to him. Ivy of course is not happy about the fact her dear plants are burning, and a battle starts, giving the team a chance to escape. Climbing on a cliff, they reach a higher point, but there they find the whole Teen Titans and Suicide Squad's remaining members controlled of this dark version of Batman, led by a twisted version of Robin. As Dick faces their leader, he finds out he is an alternate version of Damian.

As they are in trouble finding a way to go on towards the center of the maze, Killer Croc sacrifices himself for Gotham, opening a hole for the rest of the team. Getting closer to the center, Dick starts having more and more visions related to the Dark Multiverse, and he sees Batman, their Batman, consumed by the metals. He tells Damian that the only thing these visions make him believe is that Bruce is dead. Damian struggles to accept the thing, and it is difficult to think they will be able to get through. Batman is dead, and Harley feels like she's inside one of the Joker's most fervid dreams. But when they lost all hope, another ally shows up: Mr. Terrific, who tells them there is a way out, and it lies way deeper inside the maze.

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