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The Suit was originally an outfit designed and crafted by Paul Gambi, a Central City tailor known for providing costumes to many of the Flash's villains, including the Rogues.

Its first wearer, serial killer Dell Merriwether, was arrested with help from the second Flash and Green Lantern, and later sentenced to death by electrocution. According to Max Mercury, the electricity which killed Merriwether also delivered an extradimensional parasitic entity, made up only of an electric field, to our world.[1] The entity relocated inside the suit and survived an attempt by prison guards to incinerate it, which made inmates spread the myth that it had been imbued with Merriwether's spirit. Left apparently wounded by the experience, the being swore vengeance towards the Flash and the twin cities before going into hiding. Years later, it returned after having been "contacted" by two prisoners during a séance. Now calling itself the Suit, the entity acquired limited time manipulation abilities by possessing the body of a low-level supervillain named the Fashioneer, and challenged Wally West, the current Flash, by sending him his future self's dead body. Realizing he will feign his own death with help from his future version, Wally simply waited for the latter to wake up from his molecular slowdown (which made it look like he was dead) and save him from the Suit by slowing him down as well, repeating the loop. However, during the course of this process, the future and, by then, current Wally was accidentally hit by a piece of debris, which clipped him at high speed and made him break several of his bones, including his legs.[2]

Crippled and thus incapacitated, West arranged with his allies, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Impulse, to surprise the Suit by confronting him with the fact that the Flash (impersonated by Impulse) was actually alive and well. Unfortunately, in the fight that ensued, the Suit gained control of Max Mercury's body, consequently gaining super-speed, with which he travelled to the Keystone City jail and broke the metahuman wing's prisoners out.[3] Meanwhile, Wally managed to resume the use of his legs thanks to the Speed Force, and eventually succeeded in separating Max from the Suit, to which he then offered himself in exchange for sparring Jay's life. Once the Suit took possession of Wally, the latter vibrated through it, which apparently disintegrated while the entity it contained was absorbed by the Speed Force.[1]

Having apparently survived and reformed itself, the entity, still in its suit, was seen among other prisoners at the Iron Heights Penitentiary.[4] It was later seen at Captain Boomerang's funeral.[5] A statue of the Suit was exhibited at the Flash Museum.[6]


  • Possession: The Suit actually consisted of an extradimensional parasitic entity capable of substituting its host's personality with its own.[2]
  • Power Absorption: By taking possession of its host, the entity could also gain access to their metahuman abilities, although for only a limited amount of time.[3]
  • Energy Absorption: The entity gradually drained the vital energy of its hosts for its own self-sustainment.[3]
  • Invulnerability: The entity was apparently able to reform itself after being destroyed.[4]


  • Superhuman Strength: The suit, even when not containing the extradimensional entity, could apparently grant superhuman strength to its wearers.[2]


  • Wrist-worn blasters: The suit included a pair of wrist-worn blasters of unknown nature, which the wearer could use to strike his opponents.[2]



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