The Sumo is a huge mentally unstable criminal in Gotham City, usually being detained in Arkham Asylum.

"Arkham War"

When the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth and seemingly killed the Justice League, the inmates at Arkham Asylum escaped and conquered the hero-less Gotham. Bane, challenging the Arkhamites with ambitions of a city under his complete control, organized the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary to work as his army against the other super villains who currently ruled the city.

Sumo, siding with Arkham, worked as a mindless foot soldier under the Asylum's leader Scarecrow. Participating in street brawls, Sumo used his enormous body to fight the Blackgate Prisoners, one of his many opponents being the Reaper, who was crushed beneath the hulking giant.

Despite Sumo's efforts, the Arkamites were defeated by Bane, in the end, who ruled Gotham until Batman's eventual return.





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