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Quote1 I-I lied to save Superman! Jimmy's wish made me an exact duplicate of Superman... thus Kryptonite weakens me, too... (gasp!)... must... use... all my remaining strength... to try and crawl away! Quote2
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Jimmy Olsen met an archaeologist who had been studying ancient Native American relics. He gave Jimmy an old mystical totem staff as a souvenir and revealed to him a legend which stated that "Once every century, magic totem grants three wishes, when jewel is rubbed under full moon". Jimmy took the staff home and decided to put the old legend to the test. He waited until the moon was full and made his first wish. He wished that his pal, Superman might find a super-female companion with whom he could spend time with. The enchantment worked and a Super-Girl materialized out of nowhere. As per the exact wording of Jimmy's wish, Super-Girl possessed all of the same Kryptonian attributes as Superman.

She flew off into the sky to seek out the Man of Steel. She found him in the midst of rescuing a damaged passenger jet. Super-Girl whisked past him, catching the jet in her arms before Superman could even react. After setting the jet down, she introduced herself to Superman and explained how she came into being.

Superman brought Super-Girl to the Daily Planet where he introduced her to the Planet's staff, much to the chagrin of a jealous Lois Lane. Jimmy however, felt happy with his handiwork, confident that Superman now had all the help he could ever need.

Super-Girl however, proved to be anything but help. Although she heroically tried to keep with Superman's duties, she managed to inadvertently frustrate his efforts at every given turn. On one such instance, Superman flew towards a burning warehouse to put out the fire. Super-Girl raced in front of him and unleashed a gust of super-breath. Her effort was too strong however, and she only succeeded in blowing the roof off of the warehouse.

On another occasion, Superman attempted to use his heat vision to free a bank teller who had been accidentally locked inside of a vault. Super-Girl, seeking to add her own heat vision to Superman's, caused the vault door to explode. Fortunately, the trapped teller suffered no ill effects.

In her next effort to aid the Man of Steel, Super-Girl nearly ruined his rescue attempt of a runaway elevator car by clumsily plowing into him. Superman tried to be patient with the inexperienced super-heroine, but his patience ended when Super-Girl unknowingly blurted out his secret identity in front of Lois Lane.

Even though Super-Girl was a poor sidekick, there could be no doubt as to her heroism. A group of thugs flying a single-engine airplane dropped a supply of Kryptonite directly on top of Superman while he was busy repairing a collapsed bridge. Super-Girl saw Superman falter before the deadly meteor rock and rushed to his aid. In addition to possessing all of Superman's powers, she also possessed all of his innate Kryptonian weaknesses, including a vulnerability to Kryptonite. She managed to pull the Kryptonite away from Superman's weakened form, but at great cost to herself.

Dying, she managed to crawl back to Jimmy Olsen's apartment. She begged him to use the Magic Totem to cancel the wish's effects. Jimmy granted her request and wished her out of existence before the Kryptonite poisoning could ultimately claim her.


Super-Girl's physiology operated the same as that of the average Kryptonian. As such, her body would metabolize yellow solar radiation, enabling her to accomplish various super-feats. Her strength, stamina and speed were equitable to that of Superman, as well as her ability to stave off disease. Super-Girl's body was invulnerable to most forms of physical attack, with the obvious exception of Kryptonite. She also possessed many other abilities akin to Superman, including heat vision, x-ray vision and arctic breath.

  • This version of Supergirl, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • This version of Super-Girl is not to be confused with Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El, or any other variant counterparts to the character.
  • This version of Super-Girl actually predates the more familiar version of Supergirl by nine months.



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