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The Super-Sons were an artificial simulation created by a Kryptonian computer in the Fortress of Solitude.


The computer system was programmed to create simulations and stories about the offspring of Superman and Batman, thus creating a number of adventures of which some were chronicled.[1]

The sons of Superman and Batman composed of the half-human Superman, Jr. and Batman, Jr. grew up in the shadows of their famous fathers. While not as well recognized as their fathers, the duo did fight crime as part of their own period of self-discovery and ultimately became comfortable in their role as their fathers' successors. They became known as the "Super-Sons".

The Super-Sons team started when Superman, Jr. and Batman, Jr. became largely dissatisfied living under their parents' shadows. They moved away from home and their parents provided them a chance to prove their worth as heroes and they succeeded.[2] After this, the Super-Sons continued their adventures traveling across the country and solving different types of crimes and mysteries. On their first non-supervised activities, they solved the mystery of the town of Barstow[3] and afterwards they continued fighting crime in big cities like Gotham and Metropolis[4][5] as well as solving mysteries in small villages.[6][7]

Eventually, the Super-Sons managed to break out of the computer simulation into the real world, but their presence was a threat to the stability of Earth and they chose to destroy themselves to save the world.[1]


  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium identifies the Super-Sons' Earth as Earth-216 with Earth-154 being a variant where the identities of Superman and Batman's wives are known: Lois Lane and Kathy Kane respectively.
  • On Earth-154 Superman's son is called Kal-El Jr. in private while on Earth-216 he is always called Clark Kent Jr.[8][9]
  • The Kingdom established that Earth-216 was a hypertime reality and therefore wasn't destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.[10]
  • A duplicate recreation of the Earth-154 Super-Sons' Universe was created during the Infinite Crisis. This recreation and all of its inhabitants were destroyed at the end of the Infinite Crisis.
  • In Omniverse #1 (1977), Mark Gruenwald gave the reality where Superman and Batman had children and the identity of their wives was known the name "Earth-E" and greatly fleshed out its history. Its relationship to Earth-154 and Earth-216 is unknown.

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