"Challengers of the Unknown: "Multi-Man Rules the Earth!"": During a United Nations-Sanctioned Nuclear Bomb Test, on an uncharted Pacific island, Multi-Man appears showing the world that he can survive an atomic explosion. Later over-riding normal

Super-Team Family #10 is an issue of the series Super-Team Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1977.

Synopsis for Challengers of the Unknown: "Multi-Man Rules the Earth!"

During a United Nations-Sanctioned Nuclear Bomb Test, on an uncharted Pacific island, Multi-Man appears showing the world that he can survive an atomic explosion. Later over-riding normal television broadcasts, Multi-Man reveals the purpose behind his nuclear "stunt." By declaring himself immune to atomic explosions and radioactive fallout, he demands that the world should recognize him as its supreme dictator -- failure to do so will trigger the Earth's destruction, city by city, nation by nation.

Through deduction, the Challengers discover that Multi-Man lacks only a few components to finish building his "World Destroyer." Using this knowledge, the Challengers track him down to a west coast factory where they battle him, but fall in defeat.

Arriving too late is honorary Challenger June Robbins. Multi-Man takes June as a hostage, and threatens the Challengers that if they interfere with his plans to rule the Earth, he will let June die!

Appearing in Challengers of the Unknown: "Multi-Man Rules the Earth!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Nuclear Bomb

Synopsis for Doom Patrol: "The Incredible Origin of the Chief, Part 2"

This story is reprinted from Doom Patrol #88.

A new criminal named the Baron has appeared and has been boastfully pulling off fantastic crimes. His first is robbing a charity casino aboard a cruise ship using a submarine, and later stealing an armored car with an airplane. He later boasts that he will next rob a jewelry store, garnering the attention of the Doom Patrol. The Chief deduces that the Baron would dig into the store from underneath. In spite of being slowed up by security, the Doom Patrol arrives to try and stop the Baron, however the Baron manages to escape with the loot.

Returning to Doom Patrol headquarters, the team are told by the Chief that he believes their enemy is really General Immortus in disguise. He finally decides to tell the Doom Patrol his origins:

He was a young scientist named Niles Caulder who pursued his education in the sciences even, even to his own financial ruination. One night he was visited by a representative of an unknown employer who offered to pay him two million dollars to try and find a way to cheat death. Caulder agreed and devised a ray that could bring the dead back to life shortly after death.
Curious about his employer, Caulder had followed his employer's representative, and learned that his employer was the evil General Immortus. One of his men caught Caulder, and Immortus demanded that he turn over the secrets to his device. When Niles refused, he had a bomb implanted in his chest, that Immortus could choose to detonate at any time. Now more determined than ever, that the knowledge of his device to be put in the hands of such an evil man, Caulder had then confronted Immortus in his own home, pretending that his pipe was a gun, in order for Immortus to shoot him. Dying, Caulder made his way back home, and had his robot assistant, RA-2, surgically remove the bomb after his death, and then revive him with the with the resurrection ray. In order to prevent Immortus from eventually gaining the technology he created, Caulder then destroyed his notes, the device, and even his robot aide, so that the only place where the devices secrets would be kept would be in his own mind.

Finishing his story, the Chief tells them that he has feared the General ever since.

When the Baron attacks a town in order to rob the Black Cat Casino, the Doom Patrol are deployed to stop him. This time the Baron is prepared for the Doom Patrol, and has specialized traps to stop them from preventing his theft. Through Robotman's remote camera, the Baron reveals that he is indeed General Immortus in disguise and demands the Chief exchange the knowledge of his immortality ray for the lives of his comrades.

When the Chief arrives on the scene, Immortus is not prepared for the fact that the Chief has brought devices to free the captured Doom Patrol. Freeing his comrades, they chase after General Immortus, who tries to escape in a locomotive. However when Elasti-Girl grabs it, a rocket shoots out of it. Larry sends out Negative Man to stop the rocket, causing it to explode and seemingly killing Immortus. Later, the Chief suspects that their crafty foe has likely escaped death again and that next time he appears, they will be ready for him.

Appearing in Doom Patrol: "The Incredible Origin of the Chief, Part 2"

Featured Characters:




  • Caulder's Resurrection Ray (Destroyed)
  • RA-2, robot surgical assistant (Destroyed)


  • Immortus's Locomotive/Rocket Escape Vehicle


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