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Super-Woman of Earth-3 along with the Crime Society clashed with the Challengers from Beyond who were in their inter-dimensional search of Ray Palmer.

After the Challengers escaped to another dimension, Super-Woman and the Society were offered by the Monarch to be part of his army.

Super-Woman fought on Earth-51 and during that battle she was blinded by Jason Todd (who don himself as Red Robin) when he gouge her eyes out with his blades. Super-Woman is missing and presumed dead along with all the other members of the Crime Society who were in the Earth-51 dimension at the time of the Monarch's death.




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Crime Syndicate/Society member
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This character is or was primarily a member of the the CSA (Crime Syndicate of AmericaCrime Syndicate of AmerikaCrime Society of America), in any of its various incarnations, either on Earth-Three, Earth-3, Earth 3, or in the Antimatter Universe. As with all other CSA members, they are an evil version of a hero of the mainstream DC Universe, primarily the Justice League. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "CSA members" category.