The Super Enemies are an alternate universe version of the Super Friends devoted to the cause of deceit, injustice, and terror. They meet in a duplicate version of the Hall of Justice, called the Hall of Evil, and frequently taunt the authorities who are powerless to stop them (although the civilian police are equipped with Kryptonite lasers to stop evil Superman). The Superman of the Super Friends' universe first met them when he was mysteriously transported into their universe while trying to stop a volcano from erupting while their Superman was transported into the Super Friends' universe.


Equipment: Kryptonite rays (presumably to take out their Superman if he ever went against them)
Transportation: Similar to the regular universe, evil Batman and Robin use the Batjet, while the alternate Wonder Woman also uses an invisible jet.
Weapons: Evil Batman and Robin are armed with their utility belts, while Wonder Woman is armed with a magic lasso. At one point, all Super Enemies were armed with Kryptonite ray guns which they tried to use to stop the Super Friends' Superman.


  • Evil Superman wears a black bodysuit with red tights, boots, and a cape, and has dark-ringed eyes that are red when opened. He is also incredibly pale, and in place of Superman's catchphrase "Great Scott!", he instead exclaims "Great Satan!".
  • The alternate Batman wears a reddish two-toned version of the standard Batman uniform.
  • In this universe, Robin wears a moustache.
  • Evil Aquaman wears an eye patch over his left eye.
  • The alternate Gleek has more pronounced teeth and a tail that resembles a typical devil's tail.
  • Zan and Jayna are presumably also members of the Super Enemies due to the evil Superman's recognition of the Super Friends' Zan and Jayna. However the evil Wonder Twins only appear in shadow, in the darkened Hall of Evil in the opening scene.


  • The Super Enemies was the closest thing the Super Friends TV show had to the pre-Crisis Earth-Three's Crime Syndicate.

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