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The Super Friends Universe is the universe where the adventures of the Super Friends take place.



  • On Paradise Island, Diana wins a competition between the Amazons to come to America as a champion and becomes Wonder Woman.[1]


Years before JLA debut

  • Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered by a robber in the Crime Alley. The youngster devotes his life to make criminals pay for their crimes, training his body and mind by years and becoming the Batman. [2]
  • In Smallville, when saving Lex Luthor from a fire, Superboy acidentally spreads unknown substances on Luthor's head, causing him to lose hair. An enraged Luthor vows to use his intellect to destroy Superman from now on.[3]
  • The pilot Hal Jordan is chosen by the dying alien Abin Sur as the next Green Lantern.[1]

JLA Debut

  • After joining forces on a mission, several heroes unite to form the Justice League of America. In answer, several supercriminals band together as the Legion of Doom, establishing their headquarters in Slaughter Swamp[3].


  • Hermes 20 is presented as America's 20th manned launch to the moon.[4]


  • The World Trade Center is attacked by the Legion of Doom using a powerful monolith that they located in the Molten region of the center of the Earth.[5]




  • A time-traveling Legion of Doom conquers the whole galaxy.[9]


After wandering into a library's ruins, Flash, Green Lantern and Superman find a book describing history of the year 2000 to 7000, and how the Legion of Doom conquered the world in 3978.



  • If Superman never had come to Earth, Hawkman would have his popularity.[1]
  • Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the member of the Super Friends with the oldest superhero career.[1]
  • Gotham City may be located in close proximity to Washington, D.C.. [11]
  • Green Kryptonite is abundant in this universe.[12]
  • Darkseid has a passion for Wonder Woman.[8]
  • This universe exists in the Omniverse.[13]

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