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Super Hero Girls is a super-team made up for Wonder Woman and five teen heroines that operate around Metropolis.


The team was born when Batgirl moved to Metropolis. During her first day at Metropolis High School, Barbara suspected several students were heroines in disguise. In order to meet them privately, Barbara engineered a food fight in the cafeteria that landed she and other four students, Kara Danvers, Karen Beecher, Jessica Cruz and Zee Zatanna in detention. There they were joined by Wonder Woman, who had been picked up by a truant officer while wandering the streets.

Diana and Kara started a fight, during which all girls revealed her powers, leading Barbara herself to reveal her identity. Diana was pleased to meet another sister-in-arms, and Barbara insisted that the six of them should form a new team. The other four girls reluctantly agreed to join.

Nonetheless, the team lacked experience and was unable to work together during their first emergence fighting a robot army, and they all went their separate ways. Still, Diana's mother unexpectedly coming along to retrieve her daughter brought them back together.

Afterwards, the six-member team fought again the robot army tearing apart Metropolis, this time discovering the culprit -Lena Luthor- and rising victorious.

Three months later, the group gets a secret hideout under their favorite cafeteria Sweet Justice thanks to Batgirl's efforts, and decide to call themselves the "Super Hero Girls".

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