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The Super Pets started as an offshoot of the Superman Family, but eventually expanded to include the pets of the Tiny Titans.


Getting Recognition

Wanting a base of their own, the Super Pets asked the Tiny Titans if they could share the Titans Treehouse. The Titans initially didn't take them seriously until they were joined by B'dg from the Green Lantern Corps, Proty from the era of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Ace the Bat-Hound and his sidekick Robin Robin. They then recognized them as a true superhero team and let them use the Titans Treehouse.[1]

Superman Family Adventures

Lord Darkseid planned to destroy Earth using a fiery meteorite. The Justice League attempted to stop him, but Darkseid trapped them on the meteorite. As it broke the atmosphere, Superboy called for the assistance of the Super Pets. Using their combined powers, they were able to slow the descent of the meteorite, preventing it from even creating a crater.[2]


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