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The Super Seven were formed from the remaining members of the former Justice League to fight the invading alien force of the Malazza-Rem.



The League had disbanded due to the earth being invaded by a group of alien bandits called the Malazza-Rem. At first they were able to hold the invaders off, but when their leader, Grend'll, issued a decree that every time a Meta-Human was seen, they would kill a thousand people, and five thousand more when one tried to fight back. The League continued to fight, and Coast City was destroyed as a result. This caused the humans to rebel against the Metas, and lead to the deaths of Oliver Queen, Shiera Sanders, and Carter Hall, and the breaking of The Flash's legs to a point where he could no longer run. After this, many heroes abandoned their cause, including: Ted Kord, Ray Palmer, J'onn J'onzz, and Wonder Woman. Later, at a demonstration for a new means of incapacitating humans, Lex Luthor calls in an airstrike from BlackHawk Defense, reasoning that since none of its members were Meta-Human or wore costumes that the Malazza-Rem would not attack them. This caused the death of Blackhawk's Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle, Slade Wilson, Jim Harper, and Ace Morgan. Grend'll then threw Luthor off of a building and ordered his body to be left there. Lana Lang then took Luthor's place as the Malazza-rem's representative to the humans.

The Longest Night

When Lana Lang informs Jimmy Olsen that she knows where Superman is, they track him down and convince him to come out of hiding. Jimmy and Clark are then found by Wonder Woman, who had consulted an oracle on Paradise Island who told her where and when Superman would return. The three then approach Batman, who bitterly rejects them for turning their backs on the planet, but follows them to Coast City, now called Ghost City, where they encounter a young Meta-Human called Superboy, and Hal Jordan, who is digging graves for the numerous dead. They convince him to join them, and Batman tags along as they head to Seattle, Washington to speak with Wally West. He is initially disheartened because he feels he is of no use since his legs were destroyed, but he joins on the grounds that he has never backed away from a fight. The group then heads for Metropolis, but in the Rocky Mountains they meet Superboy again, who has destroyed a Malazza-Rem stronghold, but allowed some soldiers to escape. Batman then insists they bring him along to make sure he doesn't do anything like it again. In the Resistance bunker, the group is met by Lex Luthor, whose mind was saved and put into the body of Metallo. They then decide to work together with the resistance soldiers to defeat the Malazza-Rem, and Superboy coins the name "Super Seven".

Men of Steel

Lana Lang arrives in the Super Seven's resistance bunker to take them on the mission to rescue Lois Lane, but she leads them into a trap and they are forced to fight under a shield that was lowered over Metropolis. Wonder Woman then dies protecting Jimmy who was unable to shoot Lana Lang, who was working for the Malazza-Rem the whole time. They then flee to another bunker and Batman takes Superboy to infiltrate the Malazza-Rem ship. The Malazza-Rem mistake Superboy for Superman and begin to slay the aliens inside. Batman becomes overwhelmed, but tells Superboy to move on as he activates a bomb in his suit. The Ship falls and flattens Suicide Slum, but the shield is disabled and Superboy escapes and rejoins the fight. Flash then gives his life taking a spear that was headed for Green Lantern's back. Superman and Superboy then board the downed ship to see Grend'll murder Lana Lang now that she is no longer of use to him. Superman and Superboy then try to take on Grend'll, but he lowers some Kryptonite that he had ripped out of Metallex's body from the ceiling. Sperboy continues to fight him, as Kryptonite has no effect on him, and is able to defeat him with the help of Metallex. To their dismay, Superman was killed due to overexposure to the Kryptonite, and Superboy puts on his suit and re-enters the fray. With Grend'll defeated, the Malazza-Rem fall apart and Earth comes back into balance. Green Lantern then decides to go looking for more Meta-Humans.

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