Somewhere in the Hypertime, Superboy was a member of a Cadmus run version of the Challengers of the Unknown.[1]

Superboy was kidnapped and put into a stasis pod by Black Zero.[2] He then teamed up with multiple versions of Superboy to fight Black Zero after the New Earth Kon El and Earth-One Clark Kent broke them free of their stasis pods.[3]


  • Tactile Telekinesis: He can use telekinesis on things he has contact with.
    • Telekinetic Flight: He can use his telekinesis to propel himself in flight.
    • Telekinetic Force-Field: By creating a field around his body Superboy was able to resist or reduce injury by deflecting attacks.
  • Superhuman Strength: Superboy displays greater than human strength. Whether he achieves this through manipulation of his telekinesis as his New Earth counterpart was still doing when they met or has it through another source is never discussed or revealed.



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