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Quote1.png I am the Superboy. A genomorph. A clone made from the combined DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. I was created to replace Superman should he perish, to destroy him should he turn from the light. Lex Luthor's Light. I'm more than that now, more than the weapon I was created to be. Quote2.png
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Superboy, also known as Project Kr, Kon-El and Conner Kent, is a binary clone created by Project Cadmus with genetic material from Superman and Lex Luthor. He is a founding member of the Team, the Justice League's covert operations team.


Superboy was a covert operation run by Project Cadmus, a genetics lab, to clone Superman if he should die or "turn from the light". In 16 weeks, the clone was grown to the approximate age of a 16-year old. However, as a result of his suppressed Kryptonian DNA, he does not have all of Superman's powers. When a fire on the street level of the lab attracted the attention of Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin, he was freed and joined their team.[1]

In the Team

Superboy's nonexistent relationship with Superman takes its toll on him, as he ignores Black Canary's training and becomes more angry and irrational. He later learned of his human parentage from Lex Luthor and sought greater power by suppressing his human side with a drug he called "Shields". He uses the Shields in patches that, while giving him full Kryptonian powers, makes him angrier and irrational. He comes clean to the team about his human parentage and his use of Shields. Following Superboy's lead Artemis then reveals her secret, family consists of mostly villains. Finally Miss Martian comes clean about her being a white martian and is being blackmailed by Queen Bee, rather than a green Martian like her uncle the Martian Manhunter. Superboy tells her that he has known for sometime and accepts her for who she is. They had all been called to an Santa Prisca by their villainous connections, and set a trap with the team for them. But the League is infected by Starro Tech by Roy Harper, who is revealed to be a light-controlled clone. The team manages to defeat the league and destroy the tech starro.

5 Years Later

Miss Martian began using her powers to rip Intel from the mind without concern of what happens to their psyches, Superboy dumped her hoping that he was important enough for her to stop. She tried to alter his mind to make him forget he was angry at her, this greatly hurts Kon-El emotionally as he instantly recognizes her touch inside his mind. He and Superman have become very close, even calling each other brothers, they work very well fighting together. Superboy, Nightwing, and Miss Martian have been invited to join the Justice League but all three said they were happy were they are.

Eventually, Kon-El and M'gann realized they still loved each other and got back together following the death of Wally West.

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  • Vulnerability to Fail-safe (Formerly): Luthor has implanted in Superboy's subconscious voice activated fail-safes that can shut him down on command. It was later removed from his mind by Miss Martian.
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Like all kryptonians, Superboy is vulnerable to exposure to Kryptonite, but because of his hybrid physiology of being half human he is not as adversely affected by the substance as Superman. Though he did comment how much it hurt to be exposed to kryptonite.
  • Vulnerability to Red Sun

Other Characteristics


  • Shield Patches: (Formerly) In order to combat his doppelgänger Match, Lex Luthor had given Conner a set of patches called "Shields". These shields were shaped in the form of diamond used by the House of El and designed to negate Conner's human DNA for an hour to unlock potential powers. Prolonged usage impacted heavily on Conner's rage, however it enhanced the powers he has and granted him the other following powers:

  • Conner's "birthday" is March 21, 2010.[6]
  • Jonny Kent, Clark's son, viewed Conner as an uncle.[7]
  • Bruce Wayne tried to get Clark to accept Conner as the boy's "father," but Clark instead chose to later after he accepted Conner as family, to view him as his little brother as opposed to his son.



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