Superboy, also known as Project Kr, Kon-El and Connor Kent, is a binary clone created by Project Cadmus with genetic material from Superman and Lex Luthor. He is a founding member of the Team, the Justice League's covert operations team.




  • Vulnerability to Fail-safe(Formerly): Luthor has implanted in Superboy's subconscious voice activated fail-safes that can shut him down on command. It was later removed from his mind by Miss Martian.
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Like all kryptonians, Superboy is vulnerable to exposure to Kryptonite, but because of his hybrid physiology of being half human he is not as adversely affected by the substance as Superman. Though he did comment how much it hurt to be exposed to kryptonite.


  • Shield Patches:(Formerly) In order to combat his doppleganger Match, Lex Luthor had given Connor a set of patches called "Shields". These shields were shaped in the form of diamond used by the House of El and designed to negate Connor's human DNA for an hour to unlock potential powers. Prolonged usage impacted heavily on Connor's rage, however it enhanced the powers he has and granted him the other following powers:
    • Heat Vision
    • Flight
    • X-Ray Vision
  • Conner's "birthday" is March 21, 2010.[3]



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