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Superboy was a member of the Super Seven, resisting the rule of the Malazza-Rem.

The Longest Night

Superboy was a young Meta-Human who decided to become the new Superman, but ran into the real one and some other former Justice League members in Coast City. They reject him and Green Lantern throws him far away. Superboy then destroys a Malazza-Rem stronghold in the Rocky Mountains, but he allows some to escape. When the remains of the Justice League hear this, they insist that he join them so that they can make sure he doesn't do anything like it again. The group then reaches a resistance bunker in Metropolis where they meet with Metallex, and Superboy coins the name Super Seven.

Men of Steel

Lana Lang leads the Super Seven into a trap, causing a shield to be lowered around Metropolis. Superboy and the rest of the Super Seven then continue to fight, but retreat to an underground bunker after Wonder Woman is killed. Batman then takes Superboy to infiltrate the Malazza-Rem ship to disable the shield. Superboy escapes on Batman's orders as he detonates a bomb in his suit. Then with Superman then board the fallen ship to defeat the Malazza-Rem's leader Grend'll. Grend'll uses some Kryptonite stolen from Metallex, who helps Superboy defeat him. When they check on Superman they find him dead, but Superboy then puts on his costume to continue his work. The new Superman then flies out of the ship with Grend'll's body, which causes the Malazza-Rem to fall apart. He continued his work as Superman even after their defeat.




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