"The Charge of the Doomed Legionaires": Brainiac 5 plays a "chess game" for keeps against Marshal Lorca of the Khunds, with the Legion members as his game pieces.

Quote1 Well... I look very, very much like the girl you're destined to marry! Quote2
Laurel Kent

Superboy #217 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1976.

Appearing in "The Charge of the Doomed Legionaires"

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  • Planet Ruzicka
  • Planet Vanvlack IV
  • Thanagar (Mentioned only)


Synopsis for "The Charge of the Doomed Legionaires"

Brainiac 5 plays a "chess game" for keeps against Marshal Lorca of the Khunds, with the Legion members as his game pieces.

Appearing in "Future Shock for Superboy"

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Synopsis for "Future Shock for Superboy"

Superboy meets a beautiful stranger during his latest trip to the Legion's time, and learns she is more than a casual acquaintance.


  • This issue is reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 12.
  • Prior to battling Khundian Field Marshall Lorca, the Legionaries were heading to Thanagar for a Science Police convention.
  • It is all but outright stated that the woman Superboy is destined to marry in his maturity is Lois Lane, as Laurel Kent states that she has a strong resemblance toward that 20th-century individual. Laurel's black hair, blue eyes, and general features are more reminiscent of Lois than any of Clark Kent's other girlfriends.
  • Superboy's psychic block, which keeps him from retaining any memory of information germane to events in his future upon returning to his own time, is mentioned by Wildfire as a reason why there is no harm in allowing Laurel Kent to meet Superboy, her ancestor from 1000 years ago. This same psychic block is what prevented Superboy from retaining advance knowledge of his future encounters with figures such as Batman[1], The Flash[2], and Supergirl[3][4][5] when he returns to the 20th century. In this issue, the reader is shown as the block goes into effect; it strikes Superboy midway during his time-travel leap back to his own period just as Superboy contemplates the woman he'll end up with due to Laurel's statements. Upon emerging back in Smallville, Superboy immediately forgets what he was thinking about and dismisses it as unimportant.


  • On the final page of "The Charge of the Doomed Legionnaires," the explosion of the damaged Legion Cruiser spells out the following message: "Holy cow! Dig the fireworks!"

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