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Also known as the New Adventures of Superboy, this series was published by DC Comics from January of 1980, until June of 1984, branching off from Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, which also split into Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) and from the Superman Family Vol 1. Like its predecessor, Volume 1, this title focused on the adventures of young Clark Kent before he became Superman. The majority of his adventures took place in his home town of Smallville, Kansas. The title contains the final appearances of the Earth-One Superboy prior to the eradication of the Earth-One continuity during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Between 1984 and the 1986 Post-Crisis continuity relaunch, the only Superboy to appear in DC Comics was Superboy-Prime.

The first 27 issues feature a rotating roster of backup features: "Superboy's Secret Diary", featuring untold stories from Superboy's past; "Strange Encounters of the First Time", featuring Clark Kent's first meetings with various characters around the DC Universe; and features starring Krypto the Super-Dog and Clark Kent as Superbaby. For the rest of the series, the backup is Dial "H" for Hero, picking up where it left off in Adventure Comics.