"The Most Important Year of Superboy's Life!": In the Kent household, among friends and family, Clark Kent prepares to blow out the candles on his cake, for the his sixteenth birthday. Lana Lang badgers him to blow the candles out with one breath,

Superboy (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1980. It was published on October 25, 1979.

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Synopsis for "The Most Important Year of Superboy's Life!"

In the Kent household, among friends and family, Clark Kent prepares to blow out the candles on his cake, for the his sixteenth birthday. Lana Lang badgers him to blow the candles out with one breath, rather than several weak gasps, thinking his wish won't come true otherwise. Pete Ross questions as to why Clark's cake has seventeen candles if it's his sixteenth birthday.

Jonathan and Martha Kent explain that it is a Kent family tradition, and they see it as good fortune for the upcoming year. This isn't the entire truth, as found out, when the Kent parents flash back to eight years ago. The two stand in the kitchen discussing the events of the previous night. Not only passed Clark Kent's eight birthday, but it also happened to be the young boy's first debut as Superboy.

Martha and Jonathan both agree, that allowing Clark to begin his superhero career is the best birthday present he'll ever receive. They've accepted there was nothing more possible for them to teach him, and that he's more than ready. Meanwhile, Downtown in Smallville, the citizens marvel as Superboy flies pass. Although clueless, the young superhero is being watched from an unknown enemy.

While flying, Superboy almost interrupts a pilot's stunt, incorrectly conceiving the notion that the man was crashing. At the last minute, he notices the stunt pilot show banner below him. Superboy can't seem to help himself from performing a few tricks of his own for the crowd. As he finishes, an alien aircraft suddenly appears behind him, zapping the hero with a ray beam, which teleports him into their ship.

They flee, leaving the crowd's minds to wonder the ultimate fate of Superboy. Elsewhere, Superboy finds himself lying on the ground. Strange and mysterious voices greet him, stating they are once again glad to see him. Of course, Superboy has not a clue what they're referring to. As he starts to pick himself up, the aliens attempt to subdue Superboy, although he narrowly escapes, returning home.

In the late afternoon of the Kent home, the family settles in the living room to watch home movies displaying Clark shortly after he initially arrived to Earth. A few minutes pass by until the image is replaced of Clark's former captor's spaceship. The aliens reveal themselves to be, Bryn and Myla. They hail from a plague ridden planet, being the only survivors as they created an experimental cure. Alas, by the time it was finished, everyone had already died.

Though all was not as it seemed. The cure worked "to well", inhibiting Bryn and Myla's brains to allow them from aging. They spent Eons working on a theoretical cure for the cure. If it hadn't been for Clark's passing rocket, it would have remained theoretical. Using their technology the alien's determined it was a being with great power residing within the rocketship.

However, as they attempted to approach it, a space warp knocked them light years away from their original position. As they teleport into the Kent living room, they explain that Clark is their only salvation as they have created a device that will allow them to transfer his aging factor, into themselves. Clark's parents beg him not to, but, Bryn and Myla try to persuade him otherwise.

Clark takes the device and goes to think about his decision. Whether he wants to be eternally eight years old, or face the turmoils of adulthood later on in life. Superboy seemingly zaps himself with the device, fooling Bryn and Myla into think he has done as requested. When Superboy returns home the alien's zap themselves, then use their science to brain wipe Clark, which activates in five seconds.

In actuality, after they leave, he reveals to his parents that he countered the beam that would have taken his aging factor with heat vision. He tells them that he figured if he tricked Bryn and Myla into thinking they could age again, their minds who allow so. Superboy uses his telescopic vision to check on Bryn and Myla, to see if his plan has worked. It has, and they have aged a bit already.

With the five seconds up, Clark loses his memory of the day's proceedings. But, his parents vow to put an extra candle on his birthday cake in appreciation that he will get older with every year.


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