"Strange Befellows - Losin' It! Pt 2 of 6": Certain volcanic oddities are occurring at Loihi, an island not due to rise from the Pacific for another ten thousand years.

Superboy (Volume 4) #26 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of April, 1996.

Synopsis for "Strange Befellows - Losin' It! Pt 2 of 6"

Certain volcanic oddities are occurring at Loihi, an island not due to rise from the Pacific for another ten thousand years.

At the ruins of his high school, Superboy is "cleaning" up the rubble left from the battle with the Female Furies, being helped by Knockout. Mack Harlin shows up to tell Superboy that he won't be coming back to the school, that home tutoring is preferred by the school board.

At police headquarters, Roxy Leech practices at the firing range while Sam Makoa gets a visit from Officer Beedler, who is there to help set up the new Hawaii Special Crimes Unit. Max Lopaka is also there, charged with finding the killer of Officer Smithson, who died in the battle with the Furies. Dubbilex shows up, asked to help find the killer.

Superboy flies Knockout away from the school and they spot a giant metal crab coming out of the water onto the beach. They battle it, but can hardly make a dent until the crab crushes a truck hauling flammable paint thinner. As the whole crab is engulfed in flames, in changes into a literal fire creature. Superboy understands and dumps a load of sand on it, which changes part of it to glass. He and KO keep it up, changing it to wood, and finally pumping electricity into it. SB's plan works, the creature overloads and reverts back to it's original form--none other than B.E.M. Some change in the water had activated his power, but he had been out of control until SB had overloaded him. As Tana pulls up, Knockout and the Kid head off.

While all the excitement has been going down, Dubbilex managed to telepathically reconstruct what happened during the fight with the Furies--and discovers that it was Knockout that struck down Officer Smithson. After seeing Roxy's melee skills and asking her to help him with Knockout, Makoa, knowing what will come of this, contacts Snare, the daughter of Deathtrap.

Appearing in "Strange Befellows - Losin' It! Pt 2 of 6"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • B.E.M.
  • Female Furies (Flashback only)
  • Beedler
  • Officer Beedler
  • Max Lopaka
  • Sergeant Finn
  • Sergeant Graves






  • Snare's father, Deathtrap, had twice attempted to permanently trap Superman. The second time required the aid of another Fourth World resident, Mister Miracle.

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