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"Imminent Eruption - Losin' It! Pt 5 of 6": A group of scientists land on Loihi island to investigate why it has arisen and are surrounded by a platoon of robots.

Quote1.png I want your body. I'll trade you for yours. Quote2.png
Superboy, replying to Knockout

Superboy (Volume 4) #29 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 1996.

Synopsis for "Imminent Eruption - Losin' It! Pt 5 of 6"

A group of scientists land on Loihi island to investigate why it has arisen and are surrounded by a platoon of robots.

Superboy and Knockout round up some bank robbers, but KO seriously injures the crooks and almost hits a cop, making Superboy wonder if maybe Supergirl was right about her, when she tore his S-shield off.[1] The S-Shield is still not on his costume. Knockout asks the Kid to get her out of there.

Meanwhile, the Special Crimes Unit is undergoing training for their next showdown with Knockout. Roxy Leech is watching when Dubbilex shows up. Sam Makoa tries to mentally warn Dub about a booby trap in the course, but Dub's powers have still not returned and he is hit with paint balls.

SB and Knockout land on Loihi, KO about to give the Kid his "final lesson," when a horde of robots suddenly appear. They're pushovers, however, but they meant no harm. They were server drones for Dr. Victor Volcanum, who invites the two to his ship beneath the island. The scientists are all there, being kept for their own protection, and Tana Moon is with them. Volcanum tells the story about how he was once a balloonist over a century ago and fell into a volcano, where he chanced upon some old drone from Apokolips. He repaired them and has been studying the Earth's interior ever since. Superboy gets impatient and insists on seeing the scientists. While he is gone, Knockout comes onto him, and he cannot resist her lure. Superboy finds an empty room and some blood, and believes that the scientists were all killed. Superboy tears back into Volcanum's room where he finds his hands all over Knockout. Enraged and goaded by KO, Superboy attacks Victor and has him at his mercy. Knockout tells Superboy to take the last step: to kill Victor Volcanum.

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