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"Life Support - Meltdown Pt 3 of 4": A shadowy figure sneaks into Cadmus Labs via the access tunnels.

Superboy (Volume 4) #40 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of June, 1997. It was published on May 7, 1997.

Synopsis for "Life Support - Meltdown Pt 3 of 4"

A shadowy figure sneaks into Cadmus Labs via the access tunnels.

Superboy is rushed into Project Cadmus, his condition deteriorating rapidly. Cadmus is not sure what is causing his cellular disruption, but has called in some special help: Superman, Supergirl, and Steel. They are on scene and promise to do whatever they can. Dr. Packard mentions that there may be something of use in the ruins of the Agenda base. While Superman and Steel decide to check it out, Supergirl says that she'll go to Stryker's Island and talk with the imprisoned members of the Agenda.

Supergirl makes it to Stryker's and is allowed to see the Directors and Amanda Spence. The Directors are no help, but Amanda, feeling that she owes the Kid one since he saved her life,[1] says that SB's cells cannot zip themselves back together, but maybe they just need a pattern for follow.

At Cadmus, Tana and Roxy try to reconcile some of the bad blood between them when Guardian walks in escorting Rex, who dropped everything to come when he heard. He sneaked into the lab, wanting to see the Kid again and make sure he pulls through.

Superman and Steel arrive at the Agenda's former base, but there's not much left. They do find a pair of cloning pods that are undamaged, but then they are attacked by Match. The Clone is blindly following the last orders given him, but Superman easily defeats the clone. Superman asks Match to come with them, but Match refuses and disappears without a trace. They take the pods back to Cadmus, where they find that Superboy's condition has gotten a lot worse.

Appearing in "Life Support - Meltdown Pt 3 of 4"

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Other Characters:

  • Mister Wren (First appearance)
  • Warden Bailey (Behind the scenes)





  • This issue was originally scheduled for April 9, 1997, but was delayed.[2]
  • This storyline crosses over with Superboy and the Ravers.
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