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"Demons! A Day of Judgment for Superboy!": Superboy arrives back in Cadmus with Mickey Cannon and Serling Roquette. Cadmus is on full alert. The guards tell Director Mic that they found an ancient, armored glove and when [[James Ha

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Superboy (Volume 4) #68 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 1999.

Synopsis for "Demons! A Day of Judgment for Superboy!"

Superboy arrives back in Cadmus with Mickey Cannon and Serling Roquette. Cadmus is on full alert. The guards tell Director Mic that they found an ancient, armored glove and when Guardian put it on he became possessed and started attacking them. Guardian is nearby, looking on while being controlled by the glove. From his perspective, he's in a Nazi camp during WWII--Mic appears as one of Hitler's top S.S. officers and Superboy looks like Captain Nazi, Jr. His power augmented by the glove, Guardian attacks them. An energy blast from the glove knocks aside the Kid and Guardian easily bats aside the guards before escaping into an access duct. Dubbilex cannot track him mentally while he has the glove.

Guardian breaks into Dabney Donovon's cell and frees him, thinking him to be Captain Rip Carter of the Allies. Superboy, Mic, and a squad head down to the Project's geothermal reactors in case Guardian is crazed enough to try and blow them. As soon as they arrive, a magma burst flares up signifying the arrival of The Demon Etrigan! Guardian tries to ambush Superboy while he's transfixed on the Demon, but Etrigan manages to drive him off. Etrigan is there to recover Hyssa's Fist, the glove, and offers to help Superboy, who reluctantly agrees to have the Rhyming Demon as an ally.

The Demon can sense the glove and guides Superboy towards it. Etrigan and Superboy corner Guardian and battle him into a large cavern nearby. Guardian manages to reclaim his senses just long enough to ask Superboy to take him down. A haymaker from the Kid leaves Guardian unconscious, but Superboy does not like the idea of turning over the glove to Etrigan, who is in no mood for games. So the young Kon-El slips on the glove which makes him more than a match for the Demon. He has Etrigan on his knees when Donovan emerges from the shadows and congratulates the Kid, even compliments him on his new appearance. Superboy looks down and is shocked to realized that his costume has changed, that he looks almost like the villain Black Zero. He quickly uses his tactile telekineses to disassemble the glove which causes a huge cave-in. Guardian manages to pull Superboy to safety and they both wonder what happened to Donovon.

Etrigan saves Dabney since his presence stopped Superboy from killing the Demon. He gives Dabney a whistle, which will call the Demon once, and a single hair "of hellish kind" for which to use against Superboy before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

At the end, Superboy tells Guardian that he's going back to Hawaii to tie up some loose ends. Serling decides to go with him. Secretly, she has been contacted by Donovon, letting her know that he's alive, but blackmailing her not to reveal the fact to anyone.

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This comic issue is a part of the "Day of Judgment" crossover event that took place in 1999. Day of Judgment involved the rogue Angel Asmodel being bonded to the Spectre Force, and using his powers to wreak havoc on the world, attempting to take vengeance against the Presence. Hell was frozen over, and both Demons and the Damned were released upon Earth. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Day of Judgment Crossover" category.