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"The One Where Superboy Makes An Important Choice!": Superboy wakes up in restraints, presumably still in LexCorp Towers, and leering over him is the hideous image of Amanda Spence. She has been "modified," almost all of her body has been replaced with cybernet

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Superboy (Volume 4) #90 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of September, 2001.

Synopsis for "The One Where Superboy Makes An Important Choice!"

Superboy wakes up in restraints, presumably still in LexCorp Towers, and leering over him is the hideous image of Amanda Spence. She has been "modified," almost all of her body has been replaced with cybernetic implants. While revenge is the icing on the cake, Amanda claims that she's working for the U.S. government.

In another part of the facility, Serling Roquette and Heat Wave are bound alongside the now teenage Guardian. Jim's memories are flooding back to him, sharper than they ever were, thanks to the experiments of General Good. The little general reveals the Guardian Project--a plan to create an entire army of clones based on Guardian stock. Amanda prepares to dissect Superboy but he manages to trick on of the workers and free himself. He goes straight for Amanda, though her cybernetically enhanced body has a few surprises for him.

Meanwhile, General Good explains his strategy to the others: he will create whole batches of clones to be used as expendable soldiers in war. Guardian and Serling plead with him about the insanity of it as it will turn was into a video game that never ends. Good remarks that humanity loves war and that his project his supported by the U.S. government. He opens a viewer above which offers an impressive view: the earth, its moon, and line upon line of alien starships--as well as Apokolips itself. Previously, the plan had merely been to deal with the military threat of Pokolistan, now they had much bigger problems. The D.N.Angel Cherub alerts Good to a breach in Superboy's holdings area and is sent to investigate.

The fight with Amanda continues to escalate. Superboy rips out part of the wall which leads to a hull breach: he and Amanda are blown out into space, as they had been inside a huge vessel in high earth orbit. Superboy manages to use his TTK field to grab a small pocket of air for himself. As he floats back to the ship with Amanda in tow, he notices the huge alien armada behind him. Once inside, the Kid seals the hull breach just so that Cherub can knock him down. Cherub admits that she liked Superboy and SB says that there's something familiar about her. Before they can work anything out, however, Amanda fatally attacks Cherub. Amanda is insanely bitter that Superboy, a clone, ruined the Agenda and all it's plans for cloning and improving metahumans. She boasts that Cherub was cloned from Tana Moon. Superboy is angry enough to threaten her with death but Amanda claims that she is now eternal, not having a heart or lungs. So the Kid uses all of his power to blast her through the hull, consigning her to the void forever.

The other D.N.Angels are present and agree that a little humanity is needed for this situation. Cherub may still be saved, so Superboy tells the girls to help her while he goes to deal with Good. Superboy storms into the main chamber where Good, Serling, Heat Wave, and Guardian all are. His attention is quickly drawn to the view of Apokolips in the background. Serling tells him that Topeka, Kansas, has just been wiped off the face of the Earth and that war is coming. Good argues that the war may be determined by the clones he is growing. Superboy frees Guardian, whose mind was linked to the other, growing clones, and sends a discharge back into the clone banks. He will honor Guardian's wishes since Jim had not wanted to be cloned again but that choice was stolen. For an instant, the clones all become aware and know what Jim's (the young clone's) wishes are and are content to be destroyed.

General Rock and his team enters the scene at the end and places General Good under arrest for abuse of power. That aside, he tells the others to consider themselves drafted.

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  • Despite working with the Agenda, General Good apparently rejected their previous plan to create an army of Superboy clones in favor of creating Guardian ones.

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