"War Letters": Three letters about the war with Imperiex: one from Superboy, one from Guardian, and one from Kelex regarding Krypto. All three letters are told concurrently.

Quote1.png I can't say this to anyone, but there's a part of me that thinks they're all going to die — and I'm going to get kicked up into the big leagues, like it or not. I know. Thinking about promotions while they knit together Green Lantern's ribs — stepped in shallower puddles, right? But I can't help it. I keep seeing me and my guys on that front line, but the kick of it is — we don't come back either. Quote2.png

Superboy (Volume 4) #91 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2001.

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Synopsis for "War Letters"

Three letters about the war with Imperiex: one from Superboy, one from Guardian, and one from Kelex regarding Krypto. All three letters are told concurrently.

Superboy writes Serling about his experiences in the war. Much of the time he spent helping fellow heroes to the medical ships (one of the them was Green Lantern). At first it all seemed like a game, but more and more casualties began to mount and Kon begins to fear the worst. Later, Kon takes charge of Young Justice for a mission to Apokolips (getting into several quarrels with Robin). While they are there, one of Impulse's "scouts" is killed. This was traumatic for everyone, in a sense they all saw Impulse die before their eyes (and Impulse himself witnessed it and "felt" his death). Superboy can't help but feel that he got one of his best friends killed. Apokolips boom tubes away from Earth orbit taking the team with it. Superboy wishes it was all over — wishes that he had never had to see any of it.

Guardian's letter is to the mother of a fallen soldier. He speaks of how brave her son was on their mission, which was to use the Human Bomb to destroy an Imperiex construct in South America. The team was pinned down behind enemy lines. Guardian bolstered the courage of the men, a squad of young men, and they charged toward the construct. The entire team (save for Guardian) is cut down and the Human Bomb is injured. Guardian throws the Bomb over his shoulder and gets him to the construct to detonate. The mission was a success, the boys did not die in vain. Their sacrifice would ensure the survival of others. Guardian concludes the letter and begins another...

The final letter is a log report made by Kelex, the main robot in the Tesserect Fortress of Solitude. The log is a report of Krypto's activities. The super-dog woke up and left the Fortress, looking for Superboy, and encountered the effects of the war. Something happened within the canine: he seemed to become aware of the sanctity of life and began to help people however he could. For two days Krypto helped without stopping to eat or rest. He finally headed back to the Fortress and encountered an Imperiex Probe trying to set up a construct nearby. Krypto engaged the Probe, though considering Probes had defeated Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and even Martian Manhunter the dog didn't stand much of a chance. Superman showed up at the last, however, and saved his loyal pet. That night, Krypto slept very contently.


  • Most of Superboy's story is a brief recap of what occurred from Young Justice and other Our Worlds At War tie in comics.


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