"Not So Super": Superboy has beaten the Teen Titans to a pulp, all except for Solstice who reveals everything. The Dark Harvest, The Culling so the strongest survive, all of

Quote1.png You are Kon-El, an abomination. An abomination in the House of El. As a clone, you have no choice but to eventually become a mindless killing machine. Quote2.png

Superboy (Volume 6) #6 is an issue of the series Superboy (Volume 6) with a cover date of April, 2012.

Synopsis for "Not So Super"

Superboy has beaten the Teen Titans to a pulp, all except for Solstice who reveals everything. The Dark Harvest, The Culling so the strongest survive, all of it. At first Superboy is as singleminded as ever but then somehow he realizes Solstice is telling the truth and abandons his mission to capture Wonder Girl in favor of getting the answers to his origin from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. He notices a surveillance van and high-kicks it into a nearby river ordering them to warn Templar he is on his way and fed up with being their hunting dog. There is a bizarre character twist, Superboy previously was happy to maim, kill and destroy anything in his path, suddenly out of nowhere (no pun intended) the kid has acquired a heart. Feeling regret and guilt along with growing powers that can even fix his suit.

Pondering his actions he is oblivious to the fact someone has tracked his location... Supergirl. Their meeting is awkward as one only speaks Kryptonese and the other English. They realize there is a link between them because of their S symbols. When an inquisitive Kara makes skin contact by touching Superboy's face, they suddenly develop the ability to mind meld.

Superboy learns of Kara's origins and his link to it as their cloning experiments led to their replicants causing war and destruction. Instinctively Superboy uses his Tactile Telekinesis to sever the connection and suddenly realizes he was able to steal the ability to speak Kryptonese from her.

He reveals his origins from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and that he is obviously half-Kryptonian but half-human clone too. This sends Kara into a rage screaming out "KON-EL" punching him out of the atmosphere and then back again.

Kon-El fights back till they are at a standstill. He asks Kara why she was so disgusted that he was a clone, why did the clones on her home world revolt. Kara is surprised that he doesn't know and reveals the clones of Krypton eventually evolved into mindless killing machines and that he too would become one.

She also gives him the answer to his name. Kon-El means abomination of the House of El. Before Superboy can find out more a police chopper arrives to confront them. By the time Superboy has nudged it out of their range with his TTK Kara has dashed away.

She questions why 'Kal-El' hadn't told her about the clone boy. She plans to get answers. Superboy meanwhile realizes he is finally learning the truth. Everyone has lied to him, lies are all he has known. He arrives at the secret N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base and rips the door off shouting for Director Templar. As the dust clears Rose Wilson appears armed with a dagger and sword with killing on her mind.

To Be Continued...

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