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Superdoom is an alias used by different people involved with the legacies of Doomsday and Superman. The original Superdoom was the thought experiment of the Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane of Earth 45. He was corrupted by Vyndktvx and turned into a corporate mascot, eventually traversing the Multiverse to take out his competition.

The second Superdoom was actually Kal-El himself. He became a being similar to Doomsday after inhaling the Doomsday Virus. He was ultimately cured through the power of Brainiac.

Superdoom was created by Grant Morrison and Gene Ha, first appearing in Action Comics (Volume 2) #9 (2012). The Kal-El version of Superdoom was created by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder, first appearing in Action Comics (Volume 2) #31 (2014).

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