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It has been six weeks since the destruction of New Krypton and the War of the Supermen, and Kal and Kara, again the Last Children of Krypton, are still reeling from their feelings of pain, failure and loss

Quote1 That was supposed to be it for me. But then you happened. Everything I was thinking... every emotion in my body... every doubt I had inside... I saw all of them in your cracked face. You were like me. Quote2
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Bizarrogirl is a 2010 Supergirl storyline written by Sterling Gates, originally published in Supergirl (Volume 5).


It has been six weeks since the destruction of New Krypton and the War of the Supermen, and Kal and Kara, again the Last Children of Krypton, are still reeling from their feelings of pain, failure and loss.

Supergirl is staying over at Lana Lang's house after spending several weeks missing. Kara is still hurt, crestfallen and has horrible nightmares every night. After a particularly bad dream -in where a horde of flaming skeletons accuse Kara from hurting everyone around her, bringing pain and destruction in her wake and letting her family die before trying to take her with them back to Hell-, Kara wakes up and notices her heat vision went off while she slept and burnt her bedroom's ceiling.

As she sets to fix it, Lana comes into her room and asks if Kara wants anything for breakfast. Kara ignores Lana's friendly gestures, but when the older woman is about to leave, she turns around and apologizes. Then Kara asks Lana if she can become Linda Lang permanently. She wants to quit using her Kryptonian name because it only brings back painful memories and she wants to quit heroics because she deems herself as a failure. Lana is unsure what that is the right decision but she assures Kara that the Langs would be honored to adopt her.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Light is trying to cure Superwoman, using Kryptonian technology to remove every strand of alien DNA from her body. Meanwhile Lana and Kara are enjoying some coffee. Lana asks her "niece" where she went the weeks she was gone, but Kara begs her to change the subject, so Lana suggests her to look to the future and consider her options such like attending Metropolis University.

All of sudden, an explosion and shockwave rock the city as an unidentified object crashes through Dr. Light's lab and in Centennial Park. Lana gets hurt but she urges Kara to change into her Supergirl clothes and help the injured people surrounding them. However, Kara still feels insecure and refuses to, making Lana lose her temper. Lana yells that it's her decision to wallow in self-pity and guilt while people need her, but she will not support her. Infuriated, Lana walks off.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light and Gangbuster are investigating the crash site. They find a Kryptonian-looking space pod... and are found by the passenger, a Bizarro Supergirl.

Bizarrogirl starts to rip Metropolis apart. Jimmy Olsen gets enough close to Bizarrogirl to take a picture of her, and manages send it to the Daily Planet before being subdued by her. In the Planet, Lana sees the picture and sneaks out to call Kara, warn her about her Bizarro self tearing down the city, and convince her to make the right thing and help, adding that she must not feel guilty for things she isn't responsible for. Feeling conflicted, Kara turns on a holo-display of her parents, stares at it for a long moment, and decides change into her Supergirl costume and fly off to save the day. As she flies over Metropolis, Supergirl smiles and admits to herself she missed this.

Meanwhile, Jimmy comes around and finds himself shackled to the wall of an abandoned subway tunnel together with a bunch of people. Gangbuster tells him they have been kidnapped by Bizarrogirl and warns him against being too loud, since Bizarrogirl shut up "permanently" a guy who tried to shout for help. All of sudden, Bizarrogirl turns up and tells Jimmy to shut up because she is trying to have a party and she hates loud people.

Then Supergirl bursts through the wall and engages Bizarrogirl. During their battle, it is revealed Bizarrogirl has the opposite powers as Kara, including petrifying eye beams to apparently turn Supergirl into a stone statue.

As she admires Supergirl's petrified body, Bizarrogirl remembers how and why she arrived on Earth. Bizarro #1 put her in a rocket to escape the threat called Godship that was eating Bizarro World. Her cousin intended to run away with her, but Bizarro Lois and Bizarro Jimmy would not allow it.

Jimmy's shouts interrupt her reminiscing, and Bizarrogirl appears to be about to barbecue him, when Supergirl pounces on and decks her. A flashback shows the Flash taught her how to vibrate her molecules through solid surfaces. Both girls resume their brutal brawl across Metropolis. Supergirl manages to lead her Bizarro self away from the city and knock her out with a bit of assistance of Dr. Light.

With BizarroGirl unconscious, Dr. Light callously talks about imprisoning and studying her, and Supergirl stiffens. Dr. Light's words and attitude bring back memories from her mother Alura torturing Reactron. Rather than letting Bizarrogirl suffer on Earth, Supergirl decides to take her back home. Moverover, she is worried about something Bizarrogirl alluded to during their battle. Something about Bizarro World being in terrible danger.

Quickly Kara punches Dr. Light, makes off with her uncouscious Bizarro counterpart, heads back to the rocket, and piling herself and Bizarrogirl into it, Kara plots a flight back to the Bizarro world.

Kara talks to Bizarrogirl while she's unconscious during her trip, relating her recent experiences. She extradited Reactron illegally, believing he would be judged fairly. Instead, he was tortured. And then he blew her planet and her people up. Everything because she brought him back there. So, she was done with being Supergirl. But then she met her Bizarro double. And she realized Bizarrogirl was just like her, full of pain, regret and fear. So, Kara decided to take her back to her homeworld where she would be judged by her people. And maybe, only maybe, Kara can help save Bizarro World and find some measure of redemption for her mistakes.

Kara falls unconscious afterwards, and has a dream where she tries to warn other Kryptonians on New Krypton from the impending disaster, but they can't hear her. Then the planet explodes again, and the conflagration sears her flesh off. Kara wakes up right as the ship arrives at Bizarro World. Horrified, Kara notices the cubic planet is exploding and cracking all over, and one third of it is missing.

Suddenly, an asteroid strikes the rocket, damaging it. Both girls scream out as the ship plummets to Bizarro World and crashes down. Fortunately Supergirl and Bizarrogirl emerge from their vehicle unscathed, but the Bizarros attack Bizarrogirl as soon as they spot her for leaving them in their time of need. Supergirl hastens to defend her Bizarro self and frightens the Bizarros away. Bizarro Lex then shows up and admits that the "godship" was his fault, as he sent a signal into space to find an ally that would help him hurt Bizarro.

Then a giant bug-like creature spawned by "Godship" lands and eats Bizarro Lex. Both Supergirl and Bizarrogirl attack it, but Bizarro arrives and freezes the monster, saying he'll just make another Bizarro Lex.

He and Bizarrogirl are reunited. As Kara stares at both hugging, she cannot help but think of her cousin and herself hugging and sobbing after the death of New Krypton.

Bizarro takes both girls to his "Fortress of Togetherness" in where he shows Supergirl the "Godship", which arrived on Bizarro world. He tried to make it leave and then fight it but failed, and when trying to make a "super-powered backup" Bizarrogirl was created. Since he loved his "cousin" he decided to run away with her to save her from the Godship, reasoning he could rebuild Bizarro World and its inhabitants anyway.

Kara decides to check out Godship. When she comes near from it, she learnts that it is not a ship but some kind of massive, bug-like space creature. Godship sends her flying through the entire planet with a single blow, and Kara just happens to land back where Bizarro and Bizarrogirl are. She says she's going to need Superman's help.

As Godship and its spawn go on devouring Bizarro World and destroying Bizarros, Supergirl enters Bizarrogirl's ship to study Bizarro World from a hologram of Superman, and comes up with a plan: absorbing blue sunlight to alter her powers and assist Bizarro World. The blue sunlight helps Bizarro, Bizarrogirl and Supergirl create an army of Kryptonian Bizarros. Together, they attack the aliens, but fail miserably, and Bizarrogirl loses her nerve and flees. Unfortunately, Supergirl's plan depends on her "solid vision", a power exclusive to Bizarrogirl. So Kara goes after her.

Bizarrogirl runs off to the Fortress, feeling bad for being scared. Kara arrives and explains to her about how they're not opposites like Kal and Bizarro, but reflections of each other, and are thus experiencing the same feelings. Kara manages to encourage Bizarrogirl, and she rejoins the fight.

Unfortunately, the sunlight-harnessing device they were using is broken, prompting Supergirl to take a blue lens up into the sky, shining the sunlight through it and onto her and Bizarrogirl. Kara then uses her heat vision on Bizarrogirl, who uses her solid-vision on the alien. After a long fight, the alien is finally and completely encased in stone. Bizarro hugs his cousin, declaring she is Bizarro World's real hero, and Kara gets hold of the Green Lanterns, who pick the Godship up and reveal it to be a world-eater called "Ash'ka'phageous".

However, Bizarrogirl disappears after the battle. Supergirl and Bizarro look for her everywhere. Finally they find her in a cave. When fighting alongside Supergirl, Bizarrogirl learned human morals and the difference between saving lives and ending them. Then she remembered about the man she killed back in Metropolis and locked herself, burdened by guilt.

Bizarrogirl asks Supergirl if self-punishment ever ends, and Kara tells her it might not, but it's what you do afterwards that counts. Applying the same logic to herself, she decides they both need to start healing.

After saying goodbye to her, Supergirl goes back to home.



  • "Supergirl: Bizarrogirl" takes place concurrently with the "Superman: Grounded" and "The Black Ring" storylines.


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