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Director Bones is in charge of the D.E.O. in National City and is determined to capture and lock down Supergirl, whom he deems a dangerous, out-of-control Metahuman. His men ha

Quote1 At CatCo, I'm expected to write stories about how dangerous Supergirl is, to convince the public to turn against her. The Danvers would rather I protect myself instead of the people who need help. I know they worry about me. But I can't just stay inside and do nothing. There's so much anger. Both from those who think I'm a hero and those who think I'm a monster. Quote2
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Plain Sight is a 2018 storyline in Supergirl (Volume 7) written by Steve Orlando and Jody Houser with art by Robson Rocha.


Director Bones is in charge of the D.E.O. in National City and is determined to capture and lock down Supergirl, whom he deems a dangerous, out-of-control Metahuman. His men have failed to apprehend Supergirl or discover her secret identity so far, but they have successfully developed cages able to hold a Kryptonian.

Meanwhile Kara Zor-El keeps striving to help people, but performing her hero duties has gotten harder. Half of people don't trust her, and the National City police and the D.E.O. are working together to put her away. Her boss is campaigning against Supergirl, her parents would rather her keep a low profile, and the D.E.O. is keeping her school under surveillance.

A school dance is upcoming, but that Kara only sees it as a useless distraction in addition to her rival Belinda Zee getting on her nerves and the D.E.O. agents wandering around the halls. At one point Kara listens to an emergency while being questioned by D.E.O. Agent Alissa Ocampo, but she can't get away without arousing Ocampo's suspicions. Fortunately, Supergirl's assistance isn't needed, but Kara can't help but worry.

At dinner, Kara puts her frustrations in words. Her parents are worried, but they still want her to be careful and aren't sure of how to help her. Since even her parents don't have any answers, Kara feels completely lost on how to approach her dilemma.

Later in the D.E.O. HQ, Bones meets with Shay Veritas, who is less than thrilled with being coerced into working for him. Mister Bones wants her to turn the metahumans she was trying to rehabilitate into weapons to take Supergirl down. Shay gets infuriated, but Bones has already used a device called Psycho-Redactor to activate one of them: Shanon Vance, a. k. a. Project 746 a.k.a. Strange Visitor.

Strange Visitor turns up in National City Oceanside Memorial Park, visibly dazed and confused. She remembers she died during the Imperiex War, but someone pulled her back. She believes it was Supergirl who brought her back and starts a mad rampage.

Kara Danvers and her adoptive parents are watching TV footage of her rampage. Kara can hear the screams of people fleeing as well as the D.E.O. heading to the place to contain Strange Visitor... and hopefully capturing Supergirl if she ever shows up. Kara wants to sortie although her parents request her to stay put. Despite Eliza's words in favor of her ex-coworkers Kara is annoyed she cannot go out to help people because a corrupt organization is hunting her down.

All of sudden, Supergirl hears something else. Mastrocola, an ex-thief whom she helped reform in the past and now calls himself Insight, has turned up to stop Strange Visitor, but gets knocked down easily.

Supergirl heads off and engages Sharon, trying to reason with her the whole time, but finally has to no option but smashing her down into the ground hard. The impact seems to snap Sharon back into reason, but a D.E.O. response team arrives, puts Strange Visitor into a containment cell and attempts to arrest Supergirl. Kara tries to reason with them but they won't listen. A flash grenade thrown by Insight gives Supergirl the chance to fly off.

Later Kara and her parents have dinner. Kara wonders about Strange Visitor's strange memories whereas her parents advice her lying low.

On The Blade, Insight and Strange Visitor have been contained. Sharon now remembers it was Bones who brought her back and disrupted her energy field. Bones ignores her shouting as checks the next metahuman he's sending out: Deceilia, an alien who wreaked havok on her planet's ruling class until she was put into a rocket and blasted off into space. Deceilia is wild and uncontrollable, but Mokkari's mind-control should hold.

On National City Technical High School, Kara Danvers is being newly questioned by Agent Ocampo, but she finds a way to slip away when she hears trouble brewing. Over the Bay, Deceilia's rampage is hurting civilians in spite of Mokkari's control and Bones' orders. Supergirl arrives to intercept, but Deceilia is surprisingly strong. As they fight, Deceilia Starshame reveals she was born in planet Krasivon. She was banished after murdering a family which unintentionally killed her parents in a car accident, and as leaving her world she swore making Krasivon's ruling class and all like them pay. Supergirl points out she's attacking people who haven't done anything to her and don't belong to the ruling class either, but Starshame doesn't care at all. She'll wipe out the Earth's ruling classes and whoever is related to them or serves them.

As both women brawl their way to a deserted island, Director Bones is confronting Mokkari on his conditioning's failure. Mokkari smugly reminds Bones he refused to mind-control devices because he wanted to keep his own hands clean.

Back on the island Supergirl is alternating between trying to talk Deceilia down and knock her out when they are attacked by a D.E.O. squad which neutralizes Starshame with Amnesium pellets. Supergirl notes they've made it to the place suspiciously quick and they seem to know about Starshame beforehand. When the squad attempts to subdue her, Supergirl swiftly destroys their weapons and declares the DEO is the real threat.

In The Scabbard, Shay Veritas debriefs Cameron Chase on the last events and reveals Bones has metahuman weapon left who didn't need any conditioning.

In the school, Kara Danvers talks with Belinda, ignoring her schoolmates' bullying and unaware that they're being closely observed by Agent Ocampo.

Later, in CatCo Worldwide Media, Kara and Ben Rubel are worried. They don't like writing their admittedly popular anti-Supergirl articles. Kara argues Supergirl has the power, ergo the duty to help other people; but it doesn't mean she's perfect or never makes mistakes. Ben is undecided because he still wonders whether Supergirl is doing more harm than good. All of sudden he asks Kara if she's rethought her decision to not go to the school dance.

Somewhere else, Agent Ocampo reports to Bones. Her chief demands her to find out Supergirl's civilian identity, but Ocampo is torn. She hasn't forgotten Supergirl saved her lifewhen Cyborg Superman raided National City.

The next day, Kara overhears Belinda asking Ben to go to the school dance together. Kara gets upset but tells herself she should be happy for Ben. At night, she tells Eliza about Ben, Belinda and her inability to handle two identities. Her adoptive mother states she shouldn't be afraid of putting her own happiness first every so often.

Kara decides to dress herself up and go to the dance. There, she finds out Ben declined Belinda's invitation after all.

All of sudden, a floating, energy-glowing superhuman who calls herself the "Evolutionist" crashes the party, declaring Supergirl's presence is an anomaly which disrupts the Earth's natural evolution and must be purged. Kara needs to suit up... but she can't leave unseen. Fortunately she spots a photo booth. Kara quickly switches identities and drags the Evolutionist up and away from the partygoers and D.E.O. agents.

As they duel, the Evolutionist blames Supergirl from holding back humanity despite her intent to protect them. She mindlinks with Supergirl and broadcasts her memories. She hails from a planet which was once a peaceful and advanced world until it was visited by several well-meaning Zegors which ignored their bodies held microorganisms deadly to her people. Her people was decimated by plagues and wars until she was the only left. She built a gravity armor suit and left her home, swearing she would prevent more worlds from being destructed by alien interference.

Supergirl tries to sympathize with her, but the Evolutionist ignores her arguments and resumes her attack. Her gravity powers threaten to tear Supergirl apart, but Kara manages to disrupt her suit with a powerful shockwave clap. Angry, Evolutionist prepares to mind-rape Supergirl into oblivion, but Supergirl sends her own memories through the mindlink. Surprised, Evolutionist sees Supergirl isn't changing humanity but humans have changed her. Evolutionist hadn't expected something like that and decides she needs to reconsider her mission. She flies off.

Agent Alissa Ocampo -who has become convinced that Belinda Zee is Supergirl's secret identity- tries to arrest her, but Supergirl reiterates she'll go on protecting and saving lives. Supergirl flies off before anybody can stop her.

Supergirl rapidly changes back into Kara Danvers and walks back into the building, hoping no one noticed she was gone. Kara meets Ben, who offers to give her a ride back home. As driving by the Oceanside Memorial Park, both teenagers decide to take a night stroll along the beach.

Kara opens up, admitting she's having a lot of trouble balancing everything: school, work, her family... Ben admits he feels conflicted about his job, too, but he's inspired and awed by her determination to fight for what she wants. Both teenagers kiss.

Kara and Ben spend the night in the beach. At dawn, Kara wakes up when her super-hearing picks an emergence. A hostage situation. She wants to go, but she doesn't want Ben to wake up all alone. However the situation seems under control thanks to the D.E.O. Kara remembers Eliza's words about her needing to have her own life and chooses to stay with Ben.

Meanwhile, in The Scabbard, Shay Veritas has finally discovered that Bones is working with Mokkari, one of the servants of Darkseid. She barely has time to e-mail her findings to Cameron Chase right before Mokkari teleports in her lab, aiming a weapon at her and declaring her plans are over.


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