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"Chapter Four: "Restraint, Endurance, and Passion"": The story opens with Supergirl and Ruthye Marye Knoll on planet Parnatt, picking up a crying pink alien infant. They are surrounded by a multitude of dead bodies in every direction. They follow in the blood wake of [[Krem of the Ye

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Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 is an issue of the series Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2021. It was published on September 21, 2021.

Synopsis for Chapter Four: "Restraint, Endurance, and Passion"

The story opens with Supergirl and Ruthye Marye Knoll on planet Parnatt, picking up a crying pink alien infant. They are surrounded by a multitude of dead bodies in every direction. They follow in the blood wake of Krem of the Yellow Hills, a mass serial killer who murdered Ruthye's father and member of the group the Barbond Brigands, a tribe who go planet to planet in an array of galaxies murdering and torturing whole civilizations and stealing their treasures for sport. They stand upon a burning landscape. The crying infant is the last Parnatthian alive.

After Parnatt, Supergirl and Ruthye follow the blood trail of Krem to a small moon called Incolm orbiting the planet of Escalm in the Piattts Galaxy. There they meet a green alien missing his arms and legs in a hospital intensive care bed, explaining the torture and death of his best friend Flarrgg when the Brigands came through. He gives a detailed description of Krem amongst those who killed Flarrgg. Supergirl assists him in eating in his bed before leaving.

On planet Tilluis, they come across a short old goblin alien who is digging a multitude of graves. He appears tired and exhausted and states he still has 120 graves left to dig. He explains how he personally recognized the Brigands when they came through and it had not been their first time plundering his planet. Supergirl offers to help and digs the remaining graves in a matter of 5 seconds with her super speed.The alien shows his utmost appreciation with a handshake and bestows the new title of Supergirl on his world, 'neighbor'.

On planet Urrralann, Supergirl allows a purple titan alien named Irasaan to pummel her repeatedly. Ruthye explains that the Urrralannian culture is to hold in emotions in fear of retaliation by others for expressing sorrow. Supergirl allows the creature to take out its pain in the form of violence against her, before the creature breaks down crying unable to hold back its emotions. Supergirl embraces the titan. Irasaan explains how her entire family was murdered at the hands of the Brigands while she was deployed to war in another galaxy against the Pykkts. Irasaan returned home to ashes.

On the planet of Tyrrrcoomn, the two navigate through lava forests before approaching a citadel with a golden gate. Ruthye explains these aliens have tapes that recorded the destruction of the brigands as they passed. Supergirl does not allow Ruthye to view the tapes in fear of its potentially graphic content and wishes to preserve her innocence. Ruthye reluctantly obeys. Supergirl emerges from the citadel after the viewing, awestruck and unable to comprehend the horrors. Ruthye does not ask what was seen, and Supergirl does not tell.

The next world they visit on the trail manages to capture a member of the Brigands in the midst of their massacre. When asking for his last words, the Brigand member states how much he enjoyed torturing the Yallahh people. Supergirl and Ruthye watch as the man is stoned to death by the Yallahh. Ruthye says, "I had some thought you'd save him." Supergirl replies, "Did you?", blank and remorseless.

On Planet Ecvick which carries the reputation of one of the universes most beautiful and peaceful worlds, run by silent monks who have never known war, the two find only body parts and blood within a colossal cathedral that touches the clouds. The once gorgeous city is in rubble and smoke beneath a vibrant yellow star. Supergirl flies to the surface of the star and screams.

On the last world of Nycilan, Ruthye refuses to explain as to what they witnessed, "for some tales are too sad to tell." No life is present on the planet. The two sit upon a forest of newly bloomed, tall mushrooms under the stars. Supergirl explains to Ruthye that she feels the next world they will finally encounter Krem. Out of fear for her friend, Supergirl advises Ruthye not to accompany her to where the Brigands currently are. Ruthye refuses, stating she is entitled to her revenge. Supergirl agrees, and the two fly off to the next planet.

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