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Quote1 This year, I have had the most priceless gift. I found my father. I lived with him, I learned from him. He reminded me that the Martian way is to live amongst the people, and to help them. Not hiding behind walls, like I have been here, but with open hands and compassion. Quote2
J'onn J'onzz

Battles Lost and Won is an episode of season 3 of Supergirl. It premiered on June 18, 2018.

Synopsis for "Battles Lost and Won"

Appearing in "Battles Lost and Won"

Featured Characters:

  • Supergirl (Flashback and main story) (Also in a vision)

Supporting Characters:


  • Children of Juru
  • Reign (Dies) (Flashback and main story) (Also in a vision)

Other Characters:

  • Green Martians (In a vision) (Cameo)
  • Kaznian Army (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • Red Daughter (First appearance; unnamed) (Flashback only) (Cameo) (Origin)
  • Superman (Clark Kent) (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • Thomas Coville (Dies)
  • Blight (Legion's Future) (Erased) (Mentioned only)
  • Agent Demos (Deceased) (Mentioned only)
  • Eve Tessmacher (Mentioned only)
  • "The Evil One" (Legion's Future) (Mentioned only)
  • Gods of Olympus (Mentioned only)
  • H'ronmeer (Mentioned only)
  • Maggie Sawyer (Mentioned only)
  • Pestilence (Mentioned only)




  • J'onn J'onzz' Spaceship
  • Legion of Super-Heroes' Cruiser



  • In this episode, Supergirl travels back in time to prevent an alternate timeline where Reign kills Mon-El and her mother, Alura.
    • In the new timeline, she and Samantha Arias manage to stop the Worldkiller from killing their friends and finally defeat her on Juru.
    • As a consequence of altering the course of time, the Harun-El that Supergirl used to defeat Reign created a clone version of her who joined the Russians.


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