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Quote1.png Chaos. The constant enemy of life; kept at bay by champions from across the multiverse... joining forces to fight on behalf of all creation. They found each other just in time, because now, the entire multiverse is about to come under attack. There is a malevolent force at work; one driven by a singular goal. The destruction of all there is. I have planned, there are those who say I have schemed, but the time for preparation has passed. The Crisis is now upon us all. Quote2.png
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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One is an episode of season 5 of Supergirl. It premiered on December 8, 2019.

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  • Crisis on Earth-X
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Elseworlds
  • Invasion!



  • There are some callbacks to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths:
  • The Earth designation of some realities are references to important years:
    • Earth-16 is named after 2016 that is year that DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode Star City 2046 first aired.
    • Earth-66 is named after 1966 which is the year that the Batman TV show premiered.
    • Earth-89 is named after 1989 which is the year that the movie Batman was released.
  • Titans' Earth-designation as Earth-9 might be inspired by the number of Titans alive by the end of Season 2.
  • Despite its appearance as Earth-89, this universe is slightly different from the one depicted in the movies as the Joker is referred to be still alive while he was killed at the end of Batman.
    • However, as this reality was brought back along with other Earths when the Multiverse was rebooted by the Paragons[2], it can be presumed that the events of this episode stricly happened Pre-Crisis, while the movies depicts its Post-Crisis continuity.
  • The Ray survived Earth-X's annihilation and became part of The Monitor's forces.[3].
  • It was confirmed that the Legends had already travelled through the Multiverse when they arrived on future Star City.[4]. However, Earth-16's depiction is different as Oliver did not recognized Sara from their previous encounter.
    • It may have happened some kind of reality-altering event, like the Flashpoint on Earth-1, that changed the timeline of this reality so that this Oliver never encounter Sara and J.J. Diggle never became Green Arrow.

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