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11 years after her arrival on Earth, now 24-years-old Kara Danvers lives in an apartment in National City and works for Cat Grant, the most powerful woman in all of National City, in the latter's company, [[Cat

Quote1 You always wanted to be normal, right? So, having a crappy boss and absolutely nothing to wear... this is what normal looks like. Quote2
Alex Danvers

Pilot is an episode of season 1 of Supergirl. It premiered on October 26, 2015.

Synopsis for "Pilot"

11 years after her arrival on Earth, now 24-years-old Kara Danvers lives in an apartment in National City and works for Cat Grant, the most powerful woman in all of National City, in the latter's company, CatCo Worldwide Media, as an assistant to the media mogul. Upon meeting the new art director, an old friend of her cousin, James Olsen, he mentions how Kara had similar looks to the Man of Steel, which she gracefully declines. After a failed blind date, a television in the bar reveals Flight 237 is having a loss of altitude and engine failure; the very same flight her sister Alex Danvers is currently aboard. Without much hesitation, she begins to run in an alley, using the area as a take off location, as she attempts to fly (which she has not done so in well over 11 years). After gaining better control of her flight ability, she approaches the plane and uses her super-strength to prevent the aircraft from crashing into a bridge, thus saving her sister, as well as the rest of the passengers, but ultimately revealing herself to the world. As the helicopters arrive to the scene, she immediately flies off.

Upon returning home, Kara expresses excitement over her first heroic antic, but her sister Alex does the opposite and tells her off for exposing herself. Kara attempts to justify herself, explaining to Alex how it was the motivation she had been looking for her entire life, her life's purpose. Alex continues to defy her reasoning, and was ultimately told by Kara to leave.

Next day, upon arrival to work, it is evident that the whole world is now focused on the "mystery flying woman", and Kara nervously walks around the office in hopes of not being recognized. During a meeting, Cat highlights the importance of a new female superhero in National City, expressing her delight. James Olsen provides an insight on Kara's return as a hero, and even giving a hint that he's partially aware that it was Kara's doing.

Desperate for someone to be excited for her, Kara reveals her secret to Winn Schott, her best friend. At first he believes that Kara will tell him that she is a lesbian, but as she reveals the truth to him, he does not believe her, and thus in order to prove it she jumps off the building and jumps back, surprising her coworker and astonishing him.

From then on, both work together- with Winn's ability to hack NYCPD and Kara's thirst for heroic antics, the duo slowly came to build Kara's costume and image, after a few failed costumes. Kara adds on the infamous 'S', which Winn comments to be 'S' for SUPER, but Kara tells him otherwise and explains that it stands for the 'House of El', her family's coat of arms.

A report buzzes in regarding a fire, and Kara flies off- when midair she is suddenly struck down by Kryptonite tranquilizers, which causes her to crash. Upon regaining consciousness, she is revealed to be inside the Department of Extranormal Operations, where a man named Hank Henshaw has her cuffed with Kryptonite cuffs. From there, he reveals to her Agent Danvers, who also happens to be Kara's sister. Alex immediately uncuffs Kara, but Kara is not impressed, she immediately takes her hand away as Alex attempts to hold it.

Hank shows Kara around the DEO, and explains to her their covert alien hunting operations. Kara falls out with Alex as she expresses her rage, telling her sister that it can't all be a one big coincidence with Alex working for alien hunters and Kara being one. Alex attempts to explain herself, but is interrupted by Kara who angrily storms off.

As she arrives to work, a screen reveals that Cat Grant had dubbed Kara's superheroine identity as Supergirl, which enrages her and thus leading her to barge into her boss' office to question her. She shows humility as Cat tells her off, but Kara attempts to explain the importance of a female superhero, and instead naming her "Superwoman". Cat responds by questioning Kara, asking her "What's so wrong about girl? I'm a girl..." and plans to fire her when James Olsen luckily comes into the rescue and allows Kara to take credit of his shot. Kara's job is secure, but she storms out of Cat's office, enraged at James for 'fighting' her battle, when a radio frequency of 50,000 Hertz comes into contact with Kara, challenging her to fight at the National City Power Plant.

Kara hurriedly goes off to the power plant, where she meets Vartox, an alien her mother had imprisoned in Fort Rozz, and wants to take revenge on Alura Zor-El by killing Kara. The two fight, but Kara is overpowered by Vartox and was on the verge of choking to death when Alex arrives on the scene to save her. After taking care of Kara, Alex explains why she had her sister keep her powers under the dark, and Kara agrees with this and decides to quit. Later on, in Kara's apartment, Alex attempts to reconcile with her sister and get her back on her cape via showing a hologram of the late Alura, telling her daughter that her fate is not tied to that of Kal-El's, and that she is brave and wise. Through her mother's emotional encouragement, Kara decides to put on her cape and fight back.

Upon arrival in DEO, both Danvers sisters convince Hank to let Supergirl fight Vartox, which he reluctantly agrees to. In the middle of the road in the outskirts of National City, Supergirl destroys Vartox's truck and fights against him. She shows an improvement over their last encounter, but is still overpowered by the latter. Hank expresses his disheartening, but Alex explains to him her and Kara's plan. Kara begins to use her heat vision to increase the temperature of the ax, but grows frightened as it comes nearer towards her. Alex gives her words of encouragement, explaining that saving lives is what Kara was meant to do, which encourages her and ultimately leads to her victory as the ax explodes.

Vartox kills himself in anguish and defeat, but not before warning Supergirl of all the dangers surrounding her and those attempting to take her life. Supergirl replies with confidence, and Hank tells Alex the truth of her recruitment, and the reason why she gets to stay. The next day, Kara is met with an excited Winn, but saves the conversation for later to talk to James Olsen. James tells Kara to meet him in the rooftop, and makes her aware of his knowledge of her secret identity as the elevator closes. On the rooftop, James reveals his reasons for being in National City, and hands Kara Kal-El's blanket which she uses as her new cape.

Kara flies around the city, now fully embracing her new destiny as a hero, and the protector of National City, and the world. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, a report is made of Vartox's demise, to which a woman is revealed to be the Head of the Operations, one who claims Kara to be her niece, thus making her Kara's Aunt. A henchman assures her of Kara's incapability to fight, but Astra says otherwise, and ensures that they will be leading Earth soon.

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  • Astra (First appearance)
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    • Vartox (First appearance; dies)

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