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Welcome Back, Kara! is an episode of season 6 of Supergirl. It premiered on August 24, 2021.

Synopsis for "Welcome Back, Kara!"

Appearing in "Welcome Back, Kara!"

Featured Characters:

  • Supergirl (Flashback and main story) (Also in dream sequence)

Supporting Characters:


  • "Oscar" (First appearance)
  • Phantoms (Flashback only) (Also in dream sequence)

Other Characters:




  • This episode takes place one day after the previous.
  • The Daily Star is named for the first time in the continuity of Earth-Prime.


  • At the end of the episode, Kara mentions Iris West writing an article that united Central City after a metahuman attack. These are references to Eva McCulloch's rampage and the article Iris wrote in Central City Strong.
  • Among the many Phantoms' victims, it is also mentioned Christopher Smith. In the comics, Christopher Smith is the civilian name of the vigilante Peacemaker.
  • Nia Nal's cover-up story about the revolutionist Miguel de Miranda is a reference to the Golden Age story, "Revolution in Central America!" from Action Comics #42.

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