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Kicking butts and bringing "Hope, Help, and Compassion for All" since 1959

Supergirl is a classic character in the DC Universe who has been around since the early Silver Age, and one of the oldest, most enduring and most famous female super-heroes. Since her first appearance in Action Comics #252 (May, 1959), her adventures have been published in different books and magazines. Although there have been different Supergirls, the primary and most famous version is Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin and hero in training. The existence of several hundreds of Supergirl comics and several incarnations of the character owing to DC's mandate to kill her in 1985 and subsequent and ill-fated attempts to replace her can be daunting to casual readers who desire to learn about Supergirl.

This page is meant to act as a helpful guide for both new readers getting into her mythos for the first time, and veteran readers looking for something new.

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