"A Head-Full of Snakes!": Linda Danvers is rehearsing a theater play where she portrays Medusa, whereas her leading man Mitch Baxter takes the role of Perseus. After they're through with the rehearsal, Linda takes off her

Quote1.png When I get through with you, you'll be buried under tons of lunar rock on the Moon! Let's see how many spells you can cast from there! Quote2.png

Supergirl #8 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1973.

Appearing in "A Head-Full of Snakes!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Three Muggers (Single appearance)
    • Vick
    • Jake
    • Boy (Unnamed)
  • Medusa (As a spirit)
  • Demonic Spiders

Other Characters:




  • USAF Fighter Jets

Synopsis for "A Head-Full of Snakes!"

Linda Danvers is rehearsing a theater play where she portrays Medusa, whereas her leading man Mitch Baxter takes the role of Perseus. After they're through with the rehearsal, Linda takes off her snake-headed mask and goes out. As she's being walked back to her dorm by Mitch, Linda comes across Prof. Garth, whose research has found evidence about the existence of Medusa's Tomb and inspired her newest play.

Moments later, Linda notices Prof. Garth is being accosted by three muggers. Quickly, Linda changes clothes and crushes the muggers. Supergirl leaves, without noticing the trio have been turned to stone, and then she realizes her hair has turned into snakes. Supergirl quickly learns they are indestructible so she opts for wrapping her cape around her hair until she finds one cure.

Supergirl fruitlessly looks for a remedy in the Fortress of Solitude. She is leaving, disappointed, when she hears a telepathic voice gloating. Suddenly she is attacked by the J.L.A. She tries to run away from them, but Hawkman attacks her and accidentally loosens her impromptu turban. The three Leaguers are turned into stone statues, and Supergirl is wondering how she can cure them too, when the earlier telepathic voice invades her head again to tell she has placed a curse on Supergirl. If Supergirl dies within the next eight hours, she'll take over Supergirl's body. Kara's enemy lets on she's the real Medusa, but Supergirl will be unable to find her hidden tomb because she's about to get killed. Supergirl has an idea and flies back to Vandyre University.

Meanwhile, Mitch Baxter forces his way into the Vandyre Museum and steals Perseus' weaponry and armor.

Supergirl talks to Prof. Garth and learns that Medusa's catacombs are located near Mount Olympus. On her way to Greece she is attacked by Mitch, possessed by Perseus' spirit and fully armed and armored. Believing her to be possessed by Medusa's spirit, Perseus tries to slay her with his magic weapons. As Supergirl tries to comes up with a way to prove she isn't his enemy, he rips her cape off and tries to force her to look at his mirror shield. Instead, Supergirl shatters his shield and forces him to look at her.

Below Mount Olympus, Medusa is resting inside her coffin, believing she has successsfully lured Perseus into killing Supergirl, when Kara bursts into her tomb, carrying a petrified Perseus in her arms. Supergirl is about to punch Medusa's coffin into the Moon when a swarm of demonic spiders summoned by Medusa entraps Supergirl. Suddenly, Perseus bursts out of his stone shell and cuts Medusa's magic web. Medusa walks out of her coffin to petrify both of them, but Supergirl's quick shockwave clap brings the ceiling down on Medusa.

Supergirl's hair turns back to normal, meaning Medusa's spell has been broken. Supergirl can't find Medusa's hair snakes, though, so she and Perseus fly out of there. On their way back, Perseus praises Supergirl for her way to prove she wasn't his enemy by forcing him to look at her after she covered her head back again, and leaves Mitch's body. Supergirl catches Mitch and they go back home.


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