"Echoes of Times Gone By": Superman returns to his Fortress to find the place devastated and his cousin Kara trying her new costume. To Supergirl's disappointment, her cousin seems more interested in knowing why the Fort

Quote1 It's their own hides those bigots better start looking after, 'cause they're messing with my friends now-- and by Rao, that going to cost them! Quote2

Supergirl (Volume 2) #13 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1983.

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Synopsis for "Echoes of Times Gone By"

Superman returns to his Fortress to find the place devastated and his cousin Kara trying her new costume. To Supergirl's disappointment, her cousin seems more interested in knowing why the Fortress looks like a warzone than in praising her new outfit.

Supergirl explains she fought Reactron and was nearly killed by his radioactive blasts. The Council took advantage or her weakened state to capture and clone her. She managed to escape and flew to the Fortress, looking for a cure, but her six miniature clones hunted her down. She won by exposing them to power-nullifying Gold Kryptonite, but their battle trashed the Fortress and shredded her old costume.

Kara feels guilty about the Fortress' state, but Kal is just glad that she's all right and turns down her offer to clean up. Supergirl then shows her clones to him, trapped in a stasis field because she doesn't know what to do with them. Superman agrees that's the best they can do for now. Superman hints he's some housecleaning to do, and Supergirl flies off.

On Chicago, Kara/Linda's tenant, Ida Berkowitz is completely scared and shaken after seeing a swastika scrawled on her door. Linda's friend Joan Raymond tries to calm her down, suggesting it was only some jerk's idea of a joke. But being a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Berkowitz is terrified, especially because a neo-Nazi group, the Party For Social Reform, has applied for permission from the police to hold a rally in Grant Park.

On the offices of the Party, a man named Byron tries to talk the leader out of an action, but she brushes his concerns away. He curses himself for being unable to speak up against her, but their leader's terrifying.

In the meantime, Supergirl makes a detour for Los Angeles to greet her adoptive parents Fred and Edna Danvers, who have just moved there from Midvale after Fred was transferred. Her father is surprised to see her new costume, and Kara explains she dropped by earlier, her mother saw her tattered costume, and brought up several costume designs she doodled. Kara loved one of them so much that using her old outfit's threads she made herself a new costume on the spot.

Kara looks to stay at her parents' a couple of days, but she hears a newscaster talking about the wave of anti-semitism sweeping Chicago and Mrs. Berkowitz's harassment. Supergirl gets mad and heads for Chicago immediately. She can't smash them down for their ideas, even if she finds them disgusting, but she can smash them down when they cross the line. And they will.

Linda makes her way to her apartment block and finds several tenants frightened and keeping watch, and her landlady a sobbing wreck.

The next afternoon, Linda decides to attend the neo-Nazi rally at which the group's leader spouts anti-semitic rethoric. When a riot breaks out, incited by the mock beating of one of the party members who posed as a Jew, Supergirl intervenes. Supergirl orders the woman and her followers to retreat, but the woman refuses. Then she states her name is Blackstarr and opens her robe, revealing cosmic energies swirling underneath. Supergirl is still wondering how it's possible when Blackstarr's blasts knock her down.


  • Title changes from Daring New Adventures of Supergirl to just Supergirl beginning with this issue.


First appearance of Supergirl's new costume.

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