"The Vegas Idea": In San Francisco, Jason Blood collapses at the dinner table, and tells the demon inside of him to stay inside. Inside him Etrigan informs the demonologist that he's not trying to escape, and that whatever Jason is feeling isn'

Quote1.png Because... You did try save that girl back in Kansas, from being assaulted. No reason at all for you to have done it... except an urge to do the right thing. You never had that before. And I'm thinking that Supergirl -- the Earth Angel one -- she might have started believing in you by this time. Quote2.png
Linda Danvers

Supergirl (Volume 4) #66 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2002. It was published on January 23, 2002.

Synopsis for "The Vegas Idea"

In San Francisco, Jason Blood collapses at the dinner table, and tells the demon inside of him to stay inside. Inside him Etrigan informs the demonologist that he's not trying to escape, and that whatever Jason is feeling isn't him. Jason looks up at the other people at the table, and tells the young woman across the table, Sofia, that he's fine, and he hurriedly makes an excuse, and tells her that the wine isn't that good. She tells him that she could have sworn that she saw a ghost hovering over him for a moment. He assures her that, as a demonologist, he knows that the mind can play tricks.

In Las Vegas, Buzz and Linda Danvers sit inside a theatre and watch the dancing girls on stage. Buzz becomes fixated on one of them, and Linda, annoyed and disgusted, drags Buzz out of the theatre. They enter a local casino, and she tells him that even though their relationship hasn't been the best, she thinks that there is still good in him. He tells her that he designed the Bizarro Supergirl specifically to kill her, and that he's not good. They walk outside into an alley, and a crowbar hits Linda over the head from behind, and knocks her unconscious. Three thugs, apparently loyal to Buzz, look down at her limp form, and realize that they've finally got Linda Danvers. They pick her up, and put her in the back of their van, and drive off.

Elsewhere, Jason Blood hurriedly drives to Las Vegas, as he senses that that is the location of the source of a spell that is apparently driving him and Etrigan apart. Etrigan tries to persuade Jason to le the separation happen, but Jason refuses, saying that the thought of the demon being released on the earth is sickening. He also tells Etrigan how annoying his rhyming is. Jason suddenly begins falling asleep at the wheel, but quickly wakes up, realizing that Etrigan is doing this to him, just in time to smash through the road sign signaling that Las Vegas is up ahead, but avoids a crash and gets back on the road, as Etrigan laughs maniacally.

In Vegas, Buzz passes a young woman on the street, who tries to get his attention. He rebuffs her, and she calls him by his name, "Buzz", startling Buzz. He recognizes her as Twilight, and she tells him to forget everything that the demon mother has told him. He refuses, seeing through this, but she blasts him with a black, shadowy substance, knocking him to the ground. As he gets up, he hears a voice calling his name, and he turns to see Humbert, running towards him, with Twilight nowhere in site. Humbert informs him that the Cleric tried to unleash Lord Chatka, but accidentally released Etrigan instead. The two hurry off.

Meanwhile, the three thugs take Linda to an abandoned theatre, and lock her in a deserted dressing room, waiting for Buzz to arrive. Once they leave, she changes into Supergirl, and punches through the wall. She hears a voice from the room next to hers, and opens it to find one of the dancers, who tells Supergirl that they also have her friend, Bonnie. The two make their way through the theatre, and find the Cleric with a group of cultists, preparing to sacrifice Bonnie. Buzz rushes in and stops the proceedings, but the Cleric believes this to be the ruse, thinking that the real Buzz wouldn't try to stop them, and continues. Buzz grabs him, but Bonnie has already been cut, and some of her blood spills into the ritual circle. In a casino nearby, Jason Blood crumples to the floor. Buzz fights with the Cleric, but he gets cut, and his blood too, spills into the circle. A field forms around the circle, which repels Supergirl from entering. The Cleric chants the spell, releasing Etrigan, and she gets up in time to see the now merged Etrigan and Buzz, via Buzz's blood.

Appearing in "The Vegas Idea"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cult of Buzz
    • Cleric

Other Characters:

  • Humbert
  • Sofia (Single appearance)
  • Bonnie (Single appearance)
  • Unnamed dancer (Single appearance)
  • Twilight
  • Bizarro Supergirl (Mentioned only)





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