"The New Adventures of Supergirl the Girl of Steel!": Supergirl races toward a crashing Air Force One falling out of the sky while two parties simultaneously monitor her progress: Superman and Batman from the [[Ba

Quote1.png Clark was right. Kara did handle herself well. I just can't help feeling like it was all a setup. Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 5) #0 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of October, 2005. It was published on August 10, 2005.

Appearing in "The New Adventures of Supergirl the Girl of Steel!"

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Synopsis for "The New Adventures of Supergirl the Girl of Steel!"

Supergirl races toward a crashing Air Force One falling out of the sky while two parties simultaneously monitor her progress: Superman and Batman from the Batcave, and the Calculator from his base of operations. The Calculator is in contact with an unidentified individual.

As Supergirl flies under the plane to lift it, she inadvertently breaks one of the wings off. At this, Superman bolts at super speed to help his cousin. Meanwhile, the Calculator lets his employer know Supergirl has beaten their latest test to check her abilities.

After Superman and Supergirl see Air Force One touchdown safely, Supergirl takes off with Superman tailing her. They race past Ellis Island, into space and past the JLA tower on the moon when Superman stops suddenly, realizing she lost him. As Calculator continues to monitor her progress, she stops and stares into the camera (presumably some distance away) causing Calculator to fear that she's aware of him spying on her.

Supergirl flies into the Batcave and confronts Batman, accusing him of spying on her. He informs her that it's not about her, but that Clark is concerned about her getting hurt. She angrily tells him that she is hurt and that she'll be patrolling in Gotham City. She also informs Batman that she fears they aren't the only ones spying on her.

Supergirl meets Batgirl in Gotham. Batgirl has Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn under surveillance while they attempt to rob a bank. Ivy has several bank guards under her control while Quinn attempts to smash the vault door with a giant mallet. Supergirl and Batgirl swoop down and engage them. During the melee, Ivy orders her guards to fire at Batgirl. However Supergirl is able to jump in front of the gunfire and uses her body as a shield. Poison Ivy then kisses Supergirl in an attempt to control her with synthetic Kryptonite. Supergirl throws her off as the kiss has no effect on her.

Calculator then says into a microphone "Now." At this, Batgirl uppercuts Supergirl and starts to attack her. During the fight, Supergirl is thrown down and her attacker is revealed to be Clayface disguising himself as Batgirl.

Supergirl however was aware of the ruse all along (as she knew Barbara Gordon was confined to a wheelchair years ago). She rips off the ground Clayface is standing on and throws him into the river.

Supergirl meets Superman in the air and they talk about her experience fighting "meta-human super-villains" for the first time. Superman says she did well and begins to offer suggestion before Supergirl informs her cousin he's ruined the experience by giving advice.

Calculator keeps talking his backer... Lex Luthor. He asks Lex if he wants to call off his plan. Luthor remarks "the game just got that much more interesting." Luthor, clad in his battle armor, holds up his hand with various types of Kryptonite (including black) embedded into the knuckles.



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