"Fish Out of Water": The Outsiders have set out to take down a ring of meta-human pirates terrorizing the Western African coast. In order to bait them, Supergirl -who is trying out for the team- and Grace raid a lux

Quote1 I ran to him at super speed and flicked him in the head. I heat-visioned the barrel of the gun and was back in place before his feet left the ground. I have it under control. Quote2

Supergirl (Volume 5) #11 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2006. It was published on November 15, 2006.

Appearing in "Fish Out of Water"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jaq (metahuman pirate)
  • Akiela (metahuman pirate)
  • Devon (metahuman pirate)

Other Characters:




  • Pirate yacht

Synopsis for "Fish Out of Water"

The Outsiders have set out to take down a ring of meta-human pirates terrorizing the Western African coast. In order to bait them, Supergirl -who is trying out for the team- and Grace raid a luxury yatch. Grace takes issue with Kara kicking a man's leg, but Kara tells she kicked him because she knew he was Metamorpho. She doesn't like being tested or treated as a ticking bomb.

Kara remembers the Outsiders' last meeting. Nightwing -who she's developed a crush on- was debriefing them on the pirates. They kidnapped people during their latest raid and they can't be found. As Grace ranted on about Supergirl's being in the team, Thunder suggested to pose as a rival gang to bring them out. Supergirl seconded her idea and looked forward to shut the pirates down, guessing the hostages were dead for now.

Supergirl and Grace succeed in luring the pirates and her leader -a scaly woman named Jaq- out. Jaq wants to murder them for "poaching" in "her" water, but Supergirl convinces her they're meta-humans looking for a crew. Jaq decides to put them to a test. Grace whispers Kara she must be careful because Jaq's powers are magic-based.

Later, Kara recalls Captain Boomerang asking why she wants to join the Outsiders. Kara explained she had a crush on Nightwing, and she needs a family.

Jaq gives Kara and Grace a shot, and both girls take part in a raid. Kara uses her powers stealthily during the skirmish to make sure there weren't casualties. Later, the pirates are back on their base, throwing a party. Jaq takes Kara to her private chambers and offers slices of seemingly fish meat. Jaq explains it isn't fish meat, but power.

Jaq's speech is cut off abuptly when she has to return to the deck to stop a fight. Kara takes advantage of her absence to investigate, and discovers the pirates have captured a mermaid-like creature and are feeding off her living flesh to gain powers. Kara wants to rescue her, although the woman begs her to end her suffering and argues as long as she lives, the pirates will have her power.

Supergirl refuses to believe there's no another way, but she's caught by Jaq.

For one second, Kara reminds Dick warning her his team deals with worse things than she imagines and he'd spare her from it. Dick also asked her if her cousin put her up to this, and Kara admitted she's been avoiding Kal.

A fight breaks out among the Outsider members and the pirates. The amphibian woman pleads with Kara to kill her, but Kara can't go through with it. Jaq runs Kara through with her claws, but Grace turns up and kills the amphibian woman off.

Even though her power source is over, Jaq thinks she still has time enough to kill Kara. Suddenly, someone turns up and kills the pirates. After saving Supergirl, the newcomer introduces himself as Power Boy.



  • Group editor Eddie Berganza is credited as "Cap'n Crunch" in this issue.

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