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"Special": Captain Boomerang is drinking his sorrows in a bar. As he complains about Kara Zor-El not returning his calls, Cassandra Cain is studying him carefully.

Quote1.png It's nice to see you too, Robin. Stop me if you've heard this, but the gravelly voice thing is adorable. The "Li'l Batman" thing, not so much. We'll work on that. Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 5) #14 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2007. It was published on February 7, 2007.

Synopsis for "Special"

Captain Boomerang is drinking his sorrows in a bar. As he complains about Kara Zor-El not returning his calls, Cassandra Cain is studying him carefully.

Supergirl and Power Boy go on patrol and sweep through a park beating up on a group of armored thugs. Their minds are hardly on work, however, and when the job is finished the two share a passionate embrace.

In the hidden Tibetan lair of the League of Assassins, a mysterious woman is complaining about Cassandra Cain choosing to fulfill her contract in a roundabout way. Cassandra replies she was hired to eliminate a target, but it's up to her how to go about it. Cassandra also notes her client decided to hire the League's services even though she's probably powerful enough to eliminate Supergirl herself. She's testing the Girl of Steel, and Cassandra intends to put an end to the test tonight. She's abducted Captain Boomerang and intends to let him place an emergency S.O.S. call to lure Supergirl into their base.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and Power Boy are back on her apartment. Power Boy expects to spend some quality time together, but Supergirl plans on finding out who is sending assassins after her. When she announces she's going out alone because her contact person is very secretive, Power Boy gets jealous and possessive all of sudden. He grabs Kara's wrist but then he backs away and apologizes. Kara tells him to take care of her cat as she's away, and heads off.

The telephone rings after she leaves but Power Boy doesn't pick it up. The answering machine picks up the call, and Power Boy listens indifferently to Captain Boomerang saying he's been captured by the League of Assassins and needs help urgently.

Supergirl heads to the Batcave to check Batman's database. She's deduced it's Cassandra Cain and the League of Assassins who are trying to kill her, but she needs to gather more information before dropping by their lair to find out who wants her dead. Robin warns her Cassandra is dangerous and a kind of special case. Supergirl sees in her mind a vision of her father telling to her crying face she's special, and she asks for a way to locate Cassandra, unwilling to argue the issue further.

Supergirl flies her way to the League's lair, pushing back hallucinations from her father experimenting on her and forcing her to touch a strange, crystalline glowing device. She bursts into the stronghold, but Cassandra is ready for her. Diamond dust floating on the air blinds Supergirl, and red lights flooding the place weaken her powers. Armed with two glowing katanas, Cassandra pounces on Supergirl.

As fighting her way through the lair, Supergirl comes upon Boomerang. She intends to get him out of there, but she's hurt and beaten up by Cassandra. Cassandra is about to slice her head off, when sharp crystal shards grow from her wounds, spearing Cassandra through the ribs and shoulder. Amazed, Kara reminds that power was her father's experiments' intended result.

Supergirl quickly contacts Power Boy to tell him she stopped the assassins but she needs help to save Captain Boomerang's life. Power Boy listens to her call as levitating inside of his home... a military barrack in the middle of nowhere. Dozens of photographs of Supergirl are plastered all over the walls.

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  • At one point Supergirl dons a white baby-tee with an "S" shield on it. This shirt is similar to the one commonly worn by Kara In-Ze and Linda Danvers.
  • Supergirl makes reference to the NBC television series Heroes in this issue.

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