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"Who Is Superwoman? (Part IV of VI) - Mistakes": Supergirl is at the 55th precinct consulting with Inspector Mike Henderson as to the possible identity of Superwoman. As Kara examines several pictures, Lucy La

Quote1.png I trained with Batman. With the Amazons. I know first level Klurkor. Just because I can't use heat vision doesn't mean I'm helpless. Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 5) #40 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of June, 2009. It was published on April 22, 2009.

Synopsis for "Who Is Superwoman? (Part IV of VI) - Mistakes"

Supergirl is at the 55th precinct consulting with Inspector Mike Henderson as to the possible identity of Superwoman. As Kara examines several pictures, Lucy Lane gets out to answer her cellphone. Supergirl is wondering whether it might be her childhood friend, Thara Ak-Var, when Lucy returns and states they have found Superwoman in the corner of Malverne and Siegel Avenue. Supergirl heads out right away, leaving Henderson and Lane by themselves.

Supergirl spots a white-caped figure perched upon a rooftop and charges against her so fast she doesn't realize it is a decoy until it is too late. Reactron falls upon her. Kara tries to shake him off, and Reactron opens his chest cavity, exposing Supergirl to the Gold Kryptonite housed within and nullifying her powers.

Supergirl plummets to the street below, but forces herself to stay calm and remember Batman's training and advice. Supergirl angles her body and uses her cape to slow her descent. She crashes into a rooftop, relatively unharmed. Before she can recover, Reactron arrives and begins to shoot energy blasts.

Meanwhile, Cat Grant, Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang attend a journalism awards banquet sponsored by the Metropolis public school system. Cat begins asking Lana questions about her "niece" Linda. Lana begins to stumble for a response, but the noises of the ensuing battle draw everybody's attention, saving her from having to come up with a quick lie.

A cloud of dirt and debris spreads all over the rooftop due to Reactron blasting the place with reckless abandon. As he searches Supergirl, Reactron reveals he lied about his costume's nature.[1] His suit was supposed to heal his radiation poisoning, but it was broken when he fought Supergirl. In order to get revenge, he let himself be modified and given a Kryptonite-powered suit. Right when he's gloating over feeling good when killing her father, Supergirl attacks him and forces him back with nothing but a iron rod. When Reactron asks where she learnt those moves, Supergirl replies she trained with Batman and the Amazons of Themyscira,[2] as well as knowing first level Klurkor. Depowering her doesn't make her helpless.

Reactron rushes towards her to try and fight her at close quarters. As they struggle, Kara rips his piece of Kryptonite from his chest and throws it far away. Reactron rushes after it, vanishing before Supergirl can think of following him. Kara lies down for several seconds while her body recovers and her powers return. Her super-senses restored, she looks to Superwoman's cape and realizes she has made a mistake. She knows at last who is Superwoman and where she is going next. Supergirl flies off.

Back at the awards banquet, Lana begins bleeding from her nose and mouth and collapses. Jimmy Olsen calls for an ambulance as Cat looks for a doctor.

Back at the precinct, Superwoman ambushes Inspector Henderson. She fires a heat optic blast at Henderson, but before she can finish him off, Supergirl bursts in, grabs a hold of Superwoman and smashes her through a wall. Angrily Supergirl pulls back Superwoman's hood revealing the face of Major Lucy Lane.

Appearing in "Who Is Superwoman? (Part IV of VI) - Mistakes"

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  • This issue is navigation number 22/2009.
  • Issue includes a five-page preview of The Last Days of Animal Man #1.
  • Mike Henderson is seen on the telephone speaking to the police commissioner, whom he refers to as "Bill". Presumably, this is former Metropolis police inspector Bill Henderson (no relation).
  • Supergirl maintains a secret identity of Linda Lang, niece of Lana Lang.


  • Although Thara Ak-Var is not Superwoman as Supergirl suspected, she is in fact currently operating as another costumed hero -- Flamebird. Flamebird and her partner Nightwing are the featured characters in Action Comics during the "World Without Superman" storyline.
  • Lucy Lane states Superwoman has been found in the corner of Malverne -named after Dick Malverne's supporting cast member- and Siegel Avenue -named after Jerry Siegel, Superman's creator-.
  • Klurkor is an ancient Kryptonian martial art.

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