"Who Is Superwoman? (Part V of VI) - Daughter of Krypton": Lana Lang is rushed to the Ellsworth Memorial Hospital after collapsing from a seizure. Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant are present, both of whom are worried

Quote1.png You're asking for mercy? Like Agent Liberty got?! Like poor Mister Henderson!? Like my father!? You don't deserve mercy, you deserve a beating! Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 5) #41 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2009. It was published on May 20, 2009.

Synopsis for "Who Is Superwoman? (Part V of VI) - Daughter of Krypton"

Lana Lang is rushed to the Ellsworth Memorial Hospital after collapsing from a seizure. Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant are present, both of whom are worried over Lana's health.

At Project 7734, General Sam Lane monitors Supergirl's battle against Superwoman. He is distressed over the fact that Supergirl has unmasked his own daughter, Lucy Lane. General Lane is confident though that his daughter will get the job done. Nevertheless, he orders jammed every camera in the area and sends Reactron out to provide her with support.

In the skies over Metropolis, Supergirl squares off and demands answers angrily. Superwoman refuses to provide any; she states instead that she'll kill Supergirl off and then frame her up for Agent Liberty's murder. She suggests Supergirl to not bother trying to defend herself because she's also invulnerable. Supergirl retorts that's good because then she won't have to hold back, and punches Superwoman across the street and into a building.

Supergirl bludgeons Superwoman until she's half-unconscious but notices Superwoman has led her back into the police building where she hurt Inspector Henderson. Before Kara can get them both out of there, Reactron arrives and nullifies Supergirl's powers for fifteen seconds. Before both villains can kill her off, a police squad arrives.

In the hospital, Lana is released for the night. Her co-workers are concerned, but she says she's okay and asks them to keep this to themselves.

In the precinct, Reactron kills the policemen as Superwoman grabs Supergirl, ready to kill her. However, Inspector Mike Henderson, though bleeding to death, arrives and fires a shot into Reactron's head. Reactron falls down, and accidentally cracks one of the discs on Superwoman's suit. A power discharge shocks Lucy and she screams.

Right then, the fifteen seconds have passed.

Once she regains her powers, Supergirl power-dives into Superwoman and flies her away and into a nearby woodland. As struggling in midair, Kara proceeds to rip Superwoman's suit's discs off, suspecting they are her power's source.

Superwoman asks for mercy as Supergirl lays a brutal beatdown on her. Kara replies she doesn't deserve mercy but a beating, and she doesn't deserve wear her House's emblem. Mercilessly, Kara tears away the S-emblem on Superwoman costume.

Immediately and unexpectedly, another discharge of power courses through Lucy as she shrieks in pain. Her body begins to writhe and contort into grotesque positions before exploding in a brilliant flash of light.

In Metropolis, the bodies of Inspector Henderson and Reactron have been retrieved, and parademics have managed save the former's life. In Project 7734, Sam Lane lowers his head, speechless after witnessing the battle's outcome. And back on the battlefield, Supergirl falls to her knees, horrified thinking she has just killed her cousin-in-law's sister.

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Ellsworth Memorial Hospital is named after Golden Age editor Whitney Ellsworth.

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