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"Who Is Superwoman (Part VI of VI) - Epilogues & Homecomings": In Mount Kahadin, General Lane, Codename: Assassin and a squad from Project 7734 are inspecting the place where Superwoman last fought [[Kara Zor

Quote1.png This is my home. One of two that is. If I'm going to live on both, I'm going to have to learn to shoulder the problems of two worlds. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? After all, I'm Supergirl. Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 5) #42 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 2009. It was published on June 17, 2009.

Synopsis for "Who Is Superwoman (Part VI of VI) - Epilogues & Homecomings"

In Mount Kahadin, General Lane, Codename: Assassin and a squad from Project 7734 are inspecting the place where Superwoman last fought Supergirl. Lane remembers how he personally entrusted upon Lucy the mission to infiltrate New Krypton. He grumbles he isn't merely going to kill Supergirl; he intends to do something way, way worse.

The following day, Supergirl and Lana Lang go to Lois Lane's apartment to tell her the news. Lois asks again how Kara figured out Superwoman's identity. Kara explains she found human hair when she scanned Superwoman's cloak, and then she realized Lucy Lane's ringtone[1] was the exact same sound than Superwoman's communicator.[2].

Lois tells Kara to leave her apartment. Kara tries to defend herself, but Lois cuts her off, stating she knows Kara is apologetic and it was self-defense, but she's very shaken right now and needs answers. Before Kara and Lana leave, Lois asks for a piece of Superwoman's costume to get it analyzed.

Elsewhere in the city, members of the Science Police are transporting Reactron to S.T.A.R. Labs when they get into a firefight with Atomic Skull and Shrapnel. This is merely a diversion however. Codename: Assassin arrives and frees Reactron.

At night, Lana and Supergirl are watching the news and find out about Reactron's escape. Supergirl regrets her being unable to save the cops murdered by Reactron and Superwoman's accidental death. Lana wonders who made Superwoman's costume. Lana talks about Lucy, always obsessed with proving herself to her father unlike Lois who disliked him. When Sam Lane died fighting off an alien invasion, she and Lois had a huge fallout.

In the meantime, Lois looks into Lucy's apartment and checks no one has set foot in that place in some while. She bursts into tears.

Supergirl is about to take off for New Krypton. She has paid a visit to Inspector Henderson in the hospital, but now she has to go to look into Superwoman's headquarters on Kandor. She and Lana hug each other and Supergirl says her to call her "Linda" and feed her cat before flying off.

Right then, Lana receives a troubling telephone call from the hospital.

On her way to New Krypton, Kara reflects that she'll apologize to her mother for failing to capture Reactron, but she will not let Alura guilt-trip her and torture her emotionally anymore. She is her own person and New Krypton is her home as well as Earth. And since she's going to live on both worlds then she ought to learn to shoulder both worlds' problems.

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  • Issue is navigation number 30/2009.
  • Includes a five-page Daily Planet column on the Red Circle.


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